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23 LSV exhaust


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I have a 2007 LSV with a 383 Hammerhead motor.  It sounds awesome but looking to quiet it down some.  We are surfing a lot now & would like to communicate back & forth while surfing.  Especially with the kids it’s too loud.  

Anyone ever added modified or changed their exhaust to quiet it down?  Are there mod kits out there?

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FAE dumps the exhaust under the water, similar to an outboard. 

You would either replace the muffler with hard tube or rubber hose, depending on the application. 

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Many ways to solve it, but to test it I just used 3" ABS elbows from Home Depot to mock it up.  There are straight and elbowed silicone hoses that are fairly inexpensive, you'll just need a few small sections of 3" stainless steel tube to join them.

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Not sure this is scientific, but my impression is that the muffler helps reduce the harsh noise that would normally exit out the transom, but some of this noise escapes from the muffler itself (since it is deflected back and forth in the cylinder drum.)  By removing the muffler, the noise instead carries downstream and into the water where it is heavily suppressed.  All I know is it is much quieter...you hear more of the water instead of the engine.

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I will say that I was hesitant at first.. But love the FAE on my boat. You can hear the wave and people talking in boat. When recording video in boat, you can hear the splash of the water as the surfer carves wave... 

The FAE routes your exhaust into the water and the water acts as your muffler from the exhaust now. 

The muffler delete allows the back pressure to be relieved and you get rid of the drone noise it causes in the cabin. (in my opinion ;) )

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I recently installed the FAE on my 07 LSV.  It’s definitely quieter but the performance is not there.  I have no top end & will only run 33 mph.  When I ordered the company said there was no need to remove the muffler so I didn’t.  

Also, my local Malibu dealer wouldn’t install because they did one in the past & that boat ran bad afterwards & they removed it.  Said they didn’t want that headache again.  

Any thoughts?

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I've heard this before, but I found no difference in performance for my install.  I wonder if it has something to do with newer engines with more sophisticated ECMs somehow limiting fuel?  I know that the exhaust actually creates a suction at speed...so who knows.  Having said that, I rarely go over 30mph.  I've done a top speed check after the install but I just never have a reason to go that fast, as I'm just burning a lot more fuel than if I go 25mph which is best cruise for my boat. 

If you were to keep it on, for sure I'd remove the muffler, as it is redundant and is only hindering the exhaust.  I found my setup to be even more quiet with the muffler removed.  Might be worth a try?

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what were you running at for top speed before?

I had a 2007 VLX with the 383 and the only top speed I lost was 1-2 mph due to the drag. everything else remained the same.

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FAE made no performance difference on my boat either except slight loss of top speed due to drag...which I don't care about, cruising speed for me is 25mph @ 3500rpm.

FAE made big difference to me, boat super quiet, you hear the water bubbling to surface at idle rather than the engine and can easily speak to the surfer when surfing without shouting. (Before, we could hear them fine but since the exhaust was pointed at them....they had trouble hearing you speak from inside the boat. Also, much easier hearing stereo at lower volume when surfing.

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On 6/14/2019 at 10:12 AM, Nitrousbird said:

I lost several MPH adding the FAE.  Doing the muffler delete gained about 2MPH back and I can tell HP increased a bit doing so.

Has anyone done a write up on how to perform the muffler delete?

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5 hours ago, 95echelon said:

Has anyone done a write up on how to perform the muffler delete?

I don't thnk it really needs one.  But here, I will do it now.

1 - Order delete kit from FAE.  Pay and wait for it to arrive

2 - Spray paint delete kit because it looks like hell unpainted.  Use high temp paint.

3 - Remove all hose clamps from muffler.  Use a screwdriver and some cursing to get it to disconnect from the hoses

4 - install delete kit in place of muffler.  Get it to line up as good as you can.  Use same hose clamps to secure it

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