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What to Do With Pitot Tube Select Switch Plate in 99 Dash?


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As part of dumping my MDC and KM gauges to analog, I am left with the switch area that currently houses the pitot switches.  I've been hunting for a water/air temp gauge the size of the opening to replace my no longer made Lowrance  gauge, but can't find anything.  Any other thoughts? Other than leaving it the way it is.

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The rocker switches themselves are pretty small, but the opening/plate is about 2.5x3.5 inches.  It is removable.  I was thinking about redoing the plate in CF and adding.... something.  

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I think what's confusing folks is the rocker switches on their own plate concept, which went away in 2001.  Yours probably looks something like this, minus the gold KM gauges.  On my boat, the Lowrance gauges have both been replaced by Faria units.  The depth gauge is a combination Depth, Air, Water temp gauge.  The Water temp/clock/voltage/hour Lowrance gauge has been replaced by an analog clock... which I don't much care for.



This is the gauge I have in place of the Lowrance depth gauge.  It's pretty nice, but it's one fatal design flaw is it's difficult to read with polarized sunglasses on.  How they missed that in the QA process is beyond me...


Clock looks something like this.  It has a noisy second hand.


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Yeah, that is the dash and the available plate area.  I don't need/want a depth finder (lake is frigging deep and there are like one  or two rock outcrops that are an issue only in winter)  I was thinking of the clock and the ticking might be OK.  Too bad the Lowrance LDT-3001 Air/water/volt gauge is NLA.  I liked it.  

I am thinking maybe a camera?  Or plug-in for the stereo?Really at a loss as to what to put there.


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They probably use either that sensor or a type K thermocouple. 

Find the sensor wires, disconnect them, and measure the voltage across them (millivolts DC).  If you get 0, measure the resistance (ohms).  The answer will tell you which sensor they use. 

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