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Dilemma With Boat Cover - HELP


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I'm in need of some TMC experience and memory.  Apologies for the verbose post.  Here's my challenge (which I prematurely posted about having resolved in a different TMC thread ):

I own a 2015 23LSV w/ G4 Tower.  My boat cover ripped and disintegrated on my final trailering home from Lake Powell in September -- completely torn apart.  I really loved the light-weight cover and the simple two-ratchet system to tighten down the cover -- it's a system I can manage on my own.  The bummer about the original 2015 cover was that the collar around the G4 tower was poorly designed -- it just skirted the tower base, causing water to pool nearby and eventually leak into the boat along with any debris or dust.  In 2016, Commercial Sewing (Apex) modified their template for the 23LSV w/ G4 Tower cover to include what I will call "sleeves" that extend the cover up the tower approximately 24".  Needing a new cover, I worked with my local dealer to order a new one with the sleeves.  The first cover delivered was the old-style 2015 "skirt collar".  Incidentally, it had four major cuts in the bow that must have happened with a box cutter in deliver/receiving.  My Malibu dealer was very explicit about the cover needing the "sleeves" for the G4 tower when they ordered the replacement.  The second cover they sent was also the 2015 "skirt collar" -- and now Commercial Sewing is indicating that there was a change in their cover templates between 2015 and 2016 23LSV  -- they do not change their past templates and cannot accommodate the request to make a 2015 cover with the G4 "sleeves".

Story continues.  I contacted Malibu directly and was assured that the 2015 23LSV and the 2016 23LSV were built from the same mold and that the G4 tower is placed at the same location on the gunnel in both model years.  With this in mind, I felt like I could comfortably order a 2016 23 LSV w/ G4 Tower cover -- and that it should fit my 2015 boat -- replete with sleeves that would better protect my boat.  However, Commercial Sewing now indicates that the change in their templates from 2015 to 2016 was due to a change in the windshield of the 23LSV.

HELP:  Who out there in TMC land knows, remembers, experienced, or understands what may have materially changed in the windshield between model years 2015 and 2016?  I do recall that the badge for the 23LSV was moved from the side hull to an inset in the windshield on both sides of the boat.  But does anyone recall anything more substantial about the difference in the windshield?  Placement, size, or angle?  I really feel like the 2016 cover should fit my 2015 fine -- but if I order it, I wont' have any recourse if it doesn't work for my boat.

This forum has helped me so much in the past -- I'm hopeful there is an answer out there!



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2016 23 LSV was the 1st year with a new Malibu design and built in house windshield.   The windshields are different between the two years.   Do not have the exact dimensions but if memory serves me well the 2016 windshield is lower, different extruded aluminum frame with a different rake angle. 

BTW I have a 2016 with a G4 tower and my cover has no sleeves. :(   Must have a skirt style since it does not extend up 24".    So it looks like Commercial sold both styles for 2016 as well.   Wish I had the sleeves.    I have to loosen the cover and pull it up at the rear of the G4 tower opening to get the water to run off the cover.  Good luck.    Agree evolution cover is probably the way to go.  Will be worth the wait. 

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Evolution cover would be the way to go if you don’t need it right now.  I ordered one last month and Cory said it would be ready  in May of next year.  I have the factory cover, so im ok with waiting.  Is your factory cover that disintegrated still under warranty?  If so, I would just take the free replacement to get you through the next few months and then order an evolution. 

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Couldn’t you order the old style cover and take it to a local upholstery shop and have them make the “sleeves”. 

As an aside I’m surprised your cover shredded like that. I probably have over 30,000 miles towing my oem cover without issue. 

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