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P 5 Matrix looking for experiences/opinions


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I'm getting my daughter a skim style board for X-mas and a local pro recommended the Matrix. She rides the Swell now and wants to do more. She's an intermediate to advanced rider. She did pretty well on my Trident but its just too big for her and I both but it came with the boat.  The 2018's are marked down 30-35% now and I'm thinking its a great time to buy. 

Second question is size, I know a 48" or 51" is recommended for her but I thinking if I get a 53" we can have others on the boat surf it too.  Demoing it is out the question, November in MN🙄



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I ride a 53" matrix and also regularly ride a 50" Leeo. I'm 5'10" 160. With the squared off nose the leeo rides like a 53. I think the leeo is a little narrower. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either. I know a decent pro rider that rides the 47" leeo and kills it. I wouldn't go bigger than a 50 if I were you. The first thing she will want to do is lose the fin. It opens up a whole new world. 

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Strongly recommend the correct size for her. We have Phase5 and Victoria skims boards of various sizes.

I have ridden a size too large and it was not as agile or responsive. When I've ridden a board that was supposed to be too small I felt fine. My point is if its too big it will not be as responsive and fun.

We have both Victoria wake FactorPCX and phase5 diamond and diamond luv. I prefer the FactorPCX. It looks like a similar design as the Matrix. @wakemitch works with Victoria wake and could give you better info on boards.

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The high end phase 5 boards are all going to be good. The Victoria boards are sweet, definitely one of the most fragile skims out there. The new Kanuk boards are also legit with the vedder and blunt.  

What boat are you riding? Having a decent sized wave also allows for a smaller board to be used. I’m just guessing on size but 48-50” would be ideal. 

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1 hour ago, Cole2001 said:


What boat are you riding? Having a decent sized wave also allows for a smaller board to be used. I’m just guessing on size but 48-50” would be ideal. 

2016 VTX.  Wave is decent, great with a larger crew. I thinking on adding a bow bag for when we're light on human ballast.

 I'm going to get her a P5 matrix/leeo/diamond whatever discounted 2018 I can find in a 48-51" per the above recommendations.  I guess size does matter😀


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36 minutes ago, dcarl said:

  I guess size does matter😀


After a decade of riding boards that are too big for her, on @wakemitch's recommendation I got my wife a Victoria Project-V during the bakes black friday sale for xmas last year.  Money soooooooo well spent.  She loves it.

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I have both phase5 and victoria and have not notices any difference in durability. We do take good care of our boards. I have never heard that complaint regarding victoria.

Could be true but I just haven't heard or experienced problems with victoria.

@shawndoggy I believe has more than one victoria board so be interested if he has heard anything negative about them?

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hmmm... fragile?  I mean I wouldn't go jumping on it on the carpet or anything, but ours have held up well.  My OG factor from like 2011 shows some scratches and I somehow put a tiny hole in it years ago, but I sealed that with epoxy and it has been fine.  The victoria boards always go in the racks on our boat.  The soulcrafts either get stuck in the bow or get put in the bimini pockets.  I consider the soulcrafts to be much more fragile than the victorias.  

We also have a phase 5 icon and have previously owned a phase 5 scamp.  I'd put the victorias in the same class as those boards durability wise.  I haven't owned any of the carbon phase 5 skims.

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To say they’re fragile is true but I should have been more specific. Of course a surf style soulcraft is gonna be super fragile in that aspect. But holding up to a crunch or falls the phase 5/Kanuk seems a bit better. 

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None of the Victoria team riders have ever broken a board while wakesurfing. And the Vic guys are known to get a ton of air  

They use the same construction as the ocean skimboards that are designed to take heavy shore break and abuse. 

Even if you crack the board by hitting a rock or something, it’s closed cell PVC foam and will be fine. 

It will also never bubble or delaminate in heat. 


After ocean skimboarding for a few years now, I truly understand how tough these boards are. The ocean is no joke. And wave wraps out a ton of force on the boards. 

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+1 on the victoria love. Got my wife a Pixie during their 2017 clear out and she has noticeably been riding better.  She used to ride my P5 Diamond, but now with the Pixie's proper size and the right fin, she has definitely progressed a lot faster.  

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My wife LOVES her Project V and some of the regular lady riders in our crew also love Victoria boards.  No issues with durability. 

We did buy surf socks socks this year just to keep from marking them up when in the racks.  

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