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2019 VTX or 21 VLX or 22 LSV


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OK folks, going for a new boat this year so we can get a surf gate and the rest of the new stuff since our ‘12 VTX was built.  We surf a lot, but still ski a little bit compared to when we first got the current boat.  Anybody have any strong feelings on which way to go or not to go?  I love the VTX, but thinking maybe a little bit more surf wake might be a good thing. 

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The newer VTX is going to have a superior wave to your ‘12 but if you don’t ski much and the price difference isn’t a deal breaker, I would look seriously at the 22LSV.  What % would you place on surfing vs skiing & how many people in the boat are a couple questions to get you going in the right direction.

The best advice anyone can give you is to demo all 3 and see what fits your needs.  

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It depends on what are are looking for in skiing. The echelon has one of the best wakes ever so nothing is going to be as good as that. If you are still looking to make quite aggressive turns then the vtx is where it is at. Few videos below of 32mph 15 off and 34 mph 32 off. 



Then it will still surf very well. Our setup is full mls, full 550 plug n play, power wedge 3 at 3-4 clicks, 300lbs of lead in the bow and 10.5mph. At this setup it’s pretty dang good on both sides, goofy being a bit regular. But that’s pretty much the max without running more bow weight or changing props. And the only problem with changing props is you might mess with the ski wake or have issues with getting to 34-36mph. I haven’t experimented with props at all. Maybe next spring. 







That regular wave is wedge 3, going to wedge 4 peaks it up more with hardly loosing any length. 

Lastly, I think the Vtx still has the best styling in the Wakesetter lineup. The new boats are sweet but the more classic lines and interior still look beat to me. The other two boats will surf better but I have no experience with them skiing. I imagine they will still Ski ok if you want to just casually make turns. 


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One other note, I drove a 2018 21 VLX for the riders experience this past year. I really liked the boat and stock surf wave with 550 PNP was very good. I expect with some lead or a bag in the boat you can get a great wave out of it. I also took it up to 34mph at one point in the day and the slalom wake looked pretty good and I have heard that from others too. One thing to think about is if you do ski hard like my pass the center pylon in the VTX gives a much better pull for the driver and skiers. Not a deal breaker for all, but it definitely makes a difference.

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Thank you everyone.  We were able to make it down to the dealer and check them out, 99% sure that we are going with the 21 VLX. Seems to have what we want at a reasonable price.  Trying to schedule test drives. 

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36 minutes ago, Ingineer66 said:

Thank you everyone.  We were able to make it down to the dealer and check them out, 99% sure that we are going with the 21 VLX. Seems to have what we want at a reasonable price.  Trying to schedule test drives. 

I’m a huge fan of the 21vlx.  A lot of people on this site view it as Malibu’s budget line, but I can tell you it’s full Malibu!  You’ll love the boat.  Great performer at a great price point. 

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