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(Non) winterization questions

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I have some questions as a new owner heading into first “winter” in Seattle. I have a 2008 Wakesetter 23 LSV with regular monsoon 5.7 (no freshwater cooling that I am aware of), factory ballast including bow tank plus two Wakesetter PNP bags in the stern (one each above the factory tanks).

The boat will be on a lift at the lake and I plan to use use it a couple of times each month through winter (we get perhaps 10-15 days a year usually below say 30deg)....

Previously I have a wooden boat whose inboard engine I would just add a 100W light bulb and that worked great for 20 yrs..

For this boat I am taking it up a few notches:

I purchased an Xtreme 450 watt heater for the engine compartment which I assume will circulate warm air into the transmission area too...

For the carpet (boat has Malibu regular mooring cover) , I have a Davis 1000 dryer


1) do I need something else for the heater core (and is that behind the dash somewhere or where do I look for it?)?

2) for the 4 or so pumps under the small covered area in the floor... should I leave the cover off so the Davis heating unit can affect them or not needed?

3) Is that enough or do I need something else to keep things warm enough to use during our Seattle winter...

For those familiar with Seattle. I’m on lake Washington. I’m on the Seattle side and power is not an issue at this time.


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If I was using warm air as my protection, then yes I would make any water sensitive area of the boat have more of that air circulate  

I have very mild winters with reliable power and use a big  box Oreck ceramic element space heater that has a thermostat that I set in the probably high 50’s to mid 60’s( lowest setting approximately) snd all floor access is open , I let the air flow to Tranny vdrive area from engine area as I leave it’s cover in place for convenience of stepping into boat over my down tower,

my cabin corner seats are removed to allow air flow to engine area with the dividers removed 

the boat is covered by the stock cover and I stuff the tower holes full of towels to block heat from easily escaping

I’m pribably wasting my time as we only had one night that stayed freezing past Sun I and usually diednt freeze till after midnight most cold nights anyway (2 to 4 nights a year in an unusually cold January - our only winter month)

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Thanks Granddaddy55. I’ve posted elsewhere on the forum looking to see where folks installed or placed the Xtreme Heater in the engine compartment ... there is not a lot of extra space there :)

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Thanks minnmarker. I purchased the Xtreme on eBay for much less than retail :)

I’m leaning torwards making some sort of curved bracket to place the heater on top of the muffler... doesn’t seem like there is room down below?

where do you place yours in the engine compartment?

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5 hours ago, Argonaut said:

Thanks Granddaddy55. I’ve posted elsewhere on the forum looking to see where folks installed or placed the Xtreme Heater in the engine compartment ... there is not a lot of extra space there :)

Why not in the rear  locker, take out the bag and the divider

i put a much bigger oreck box heater in my cabin, all tower holes are stuffed with towels ( my tower is down under carport) , all compartments are open, hot air rises and then fills down and outward, your whole  boat will fill with hotter air under that cover , mine is under a carport and somewhat sheltered from north wind 

your simply trying to keep that entire air capsule above 32, it’s not hard for heater to do , if your worried about a hard cold wind than cover your canvas in plastic tarp 

your worry shoukd be what to do if the electricity goes out, do you have a backup generator for your house circulating heat fan and this heater in your boat?   

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Your 2008 is definitely freshwater cooled. My boat lives on lake Washington as well. Why not drain the block and heater if you have one? I get that this is supposed to be an El Niño (warmer) winter here, but it takes 15 minutes to drain the engine and blow out the heater. Easy insurance and peace of mind. Plus, I have seen it in the 20s on clear winter mornings. 

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@PnwriderI’d like to be able to use it every so often (I have a dry suit :))... 

I’m not sure it’s fresh water cooled but the engine is not familiar to me ... if you know more details, I would be happy to treat for lunch in exchange for a few minutes of your time spent going through what it has and does not have— in person— if you are up for it :) you might convince me it’s easy to drain the block etc...

@granddaddy I'm not worried about a power outage as  we live on the Seattle side and while many other areas have had power outages our side has been fortunate so far over the past decade (of course this year could be different :))...

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