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Low profile tires for 16" wheels


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How low is low?  You won't find a trailer tire but there are Pirellis with 97H Load Index rating - that is 1609 lbs/tire.  If for a trailer most folks go 18"+  A low profile 16 will ride like crap.

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4 minutes ago, Eagleboy99 said:

How low is low?  You won't find a trailer tire but there are Pirellis with 97H Load Index rating - that is 1609 lbs/tire.  If for a trailer most folks go 18"+  A low profile 16 will ride like crap.

Has to be a 16" rim, it is a dually rim used as a single on a utility trailer I am building.  Needs to be 25" or shorter, so something like a 205/55 or 60



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Bunch of parts showed up yesterday, unfortunately still missing others that would let me use them

Couple of rims, tires come on Monday

10 stake pockets and 8 corner brackets, hardware is all coming in the next few days

Got some lights, but I think I'm going to need something different unless I want to cut the holes in the steel bumper.

Bearings and seals for the bad hub should be here this weekend, got the broken hub bolts extracted last night.


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8 minutes ago, ahopkinsVTX said:

That thing has to weigh a ton. 

Be interesting to see what it weighs when done.  Wouldnt be surprised if it winds up at around 1000lbs.  As long as i can stick 1500lbs on/in it I'll be happy.  The stock 8ft bed weighs around 500lbs, not sure the lumber is more than that.  Lost 50 lbs of brake drums, and the wheel tire combo is a tad lighter than stock. 

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1 hour ago, ahopkinsVTX said:

Should be able to figure out the lumber weight pretty easily. 


Doing a little math, it looks like the 6x8.5 flatbed and all its supports and hardware are just about 455lbs and the stake sides are right around 170lbs.  Only thing left to add is the tailgate/ramp which I haven't decided what exactly to do with yet. And 6 recessed tiedown anchors. If it winds up needing more beef then I can add an outer  pair of tires to the dually axle with a few adjustments.  Which reminds me, I could drop another 40lbs or so by taking the useless differential carrier and gears out of the pumpkin.  Already cut the shafts off the drive flanges and removed them.


(Edit - was using wrong weight for the 5/4 decking)





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10 hours ago, justgary said:

That looks great, @oldjeep!

Thanks.  Should get a chance to try it out a little after work by loading it up with leaves for the compost site.  Finished off the tailgate with a couple handles and tied the 4 pieces together so it can be removed as one unit and then rotated 90 degrees to use as a ramp.  We'll see if I regret that.  Those 4 pieces are extra wet, so it is pretty heavy.  Should dry out eventually, but that is the joy of inconsistent treated lumber.  The tailgate just slides up and down in a U shaped track

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Need to deliver one of our old couches to my son this weekend so it was time to install some tiedowns.  6 seems like plenty.  Carriage bolted to the decking on one side and lag bolted into the crossmembers on the other.  Hands are pretty beat from the holesaw grabbing and slamming my hands into the sides. 


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