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23 LSV - 2017 or 2019?


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Crew - Finally looking to make the upgrade from our '05 23 LSV.  I've been looking at the used market for a long, long time and finally found a couple of options are very close to exactly what we would have ordered and are under 150 hours.  At the same time, I'm having a hard time with the new vs. used decision especially knowing the new hull and upgrades in '18 and '19.  The step pads are a deal killer for us on the 18's, and we would build one anyway, so would be forced into a '19.  With the used boats we are looking at and pricing we've gotten on the '19, the price difference will be in the $22-25k range.


So I know there is no right answer here, but perhaps you guys have some things to think about to help make this decision.  We obviously kept our last boat for 13 years so newer makes sense as we hope to keep this for some time as well.  But $25k savings is really something to think about especially with the used ones we've found that are a perfect fit in terms of colors and options for us.  We wakeboard 85% of the time and surf 15%, but that is likely to flips over time as I'm getting older and already lost this season due to a pec major rupture wakeboarding.  HELP!  :-)

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First question is the 2018 LSV the same as the 2019?  Have not seen the 2019.  I know they removed the transom and center cabin seat step pads on the 2019 and now have the PW3.  That is all I know about the 2019 LSV.

I own a 2017 LSV w/Raptor 410.  It has been a great boat, have 170 hours on it now.  I did spend some time in 2018 LSV, for sake of your question we will assume the 2019 is same as the 2018 with the above changes.  I thought Malibu did some nice upgrades, moved the batteries to bow, windscreen stowing, more free board, gator step, gained 500ish lbs, front bow access seats to access OB compartments, deeper storage, center flip around seat.  There might be a few other small change items I missed.  One item on the 2017 I do prefer over the 2018 is the wrap around rear cabin seats, IMO they are more comfortable than the squared off corners.

That being said is a 2019 worth 25k more over a 2017?  If it is similar to the 2018 (which I assume it is), I am not sure if the actual wake or wave is going to be much different.  I did not get to surf or wake board behind the 2018 so I cant give you a wake or surf comparison, visually it did not look much different.  It has been debated on here quite a bit, some will say its similar to a 2017 and others say the 2018 is better.  I am sure there are some factors with passengers on board, water conditions, ballast weight, speed, etc.... the 2018 will have less bow rise when surfing, but I don't have any issues with a 2017 never has really been an issue.   IMO if your willing to spend $25k I say go with the 2019.  However, the logical side of me says take the $25k invest it in something that is not a depreciating asset and buy the 2017.  The 2017 LSV is no slouch, it will produce a respectable surf wave and wake board wake and I doubt you would have any complaints from anyone.

I would highly recommend you demo both boats back to back to get a true comparison and decide for yourself if its worth $25k.

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9 hours ago, Fman said:

First question is the 2018 LSV the same as the 2019?  Have not seen the 2019.  I know they removed the transom and center cabin seat step pads on the 2019 and now have the PW3.

Yes, it’s the same as 2018 with the changes you list plus new helm seat, more color options inside and out, GX tower option, wider PTMs and the docking camera gimmick option.

If you find an ‘18 you like, could you flip the dealer another $1000 to reskin the lockers without the step pads since that’s your only hangup on that year? That might cost a bit more if you go private party but it depends on your dealer.

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Dang @Fman, I kind of forgot about all the little changes. Nice summary.   I have been starting to catch the upgrade bug and you aren’t helping.  Lol.  Although our 2016 is a helluva a boat so there really is no practical reason to upgrade (as my wife continues to point out). 

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