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Add User Image and View Video from 12" Screen


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Tried my hardest but cannot figure out how to use personal images in the presets area of the screen. I can add the photos to the SD card. I tried adding full size images as well as thumbnails but when I try to set the picture to anything but stock images under a user in the presets section my personal photos are not there. I am assuming this is an option as it has several blank spaces for "user images"

Second, I have a few videos that I would like to show my friends who are learning to surf. I moved those to the SD card as well but cannot view them. I tried MP4 and WMV format just like the safety video....

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Sorry cannot answer your first question.   Have never tried to use personal images in the preset screen.

I recently successfully downloaded training and music videos off utube, converted to MP4 format then uploaded using the USB drive to the SD card.  Like you I wanted to have training videos on board.   

Through trial and error I found that the video resolution for playback has to be under 1280x 720.  If higher than that it would not play.    

Hope that helps. 

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Don't bother with the pictures. I was able to upload the photos but couldn't do anything with them, i.e. assign them to a certain user preset. I did try to reduce the size as well as many file formats and nothing worked. I also tried to upload videos so I could show "new surfers" different techniques but they wouldn't play either. 


I don't know if I am remembering correctly but I don't think you can "permanently" skip the video. I am getting my boat out of storage tonight so if I remember I'll try to look at it on Monday.

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I had a conversation with the support team at Medallion about this, and the short answer is it can't be done.
Personally, I'm bummed that it's not possible but I understand why. The computer that runs the dash system is set to "read only" and can be reset (via procedure) to remove anything that someone tries to load on it. Every option for the boat/control is an option file that can be easily rebuilt if it's missing. The logic behind this, as it was explained to me, is that anything that could be copied to permanent storage could contain a malicious payload (virus) that would render the boat useless since the computer wouldn't work. That said, never say never: If you're in-the-know and can get your hands on the Windows CE/Embedded devkit for the OS version you're boat is running (look for the Windows Genuine sticker on the back of the 7" display) then you can connect to the computer that way in order to load whatever payload you would like. THIS WILL VOID ANY WARRANTY AND POSSIBLY BREAK ANY FUTURE UPDATE COMPATIBILITY.


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