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Stereo Control in Walk Thru - HELP!


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Hello Folks - I have a 2012 vRide with the stereo control mounted in the walk thru.  My kids love sitting in the front (for whatever reason) and they constantly whack into the thing as they pass through.  This will change the input, modify the volume, or turn in off completely.  I've not found any way to 'lock' the screen and I've become annoyed enough that I just turn it off a lot of the time (PARTY FOUL!).  Anyway, I'm curious if anyone has found a solution to the issue.  A quick fix is great, but also welcome to the 'had to rewire the whole damn thing to fix it' scenario if that's the case.



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Alright - I took a closer look and this does appear to be a direct replacement type of deal.  I'm curious though, how does this solve the problem?  Is there a 'lockout' feature, or do you have to put the rubber cover over it?  It looks like the knob would also get knocked around in the current location.

Thanks for the assistance!

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We have not had any issues with bumped knob changing volume and no more accidental song changes or source changes.

It does require enlarging the opening in the vinyl wrapped panel. I removed panel and then removed staples from rear and cut plastic panel with dremel and then restapled. 

I used a small sheet metal plate inserted in between the vinyl and plastic while I was trimming. This protected the vinyl from getting burned or cut. (Full Disclosure - I'm not too happy with the appearance as the vinyl shows every defect in the plastic cutting effort. Notice right edge "bumpiness".)

It took about 1/4-1/2” all around to clear. Fitment is recessed in the vinyl not allowing rubber cover to be installed. 


Note: This location makes the screen hard to see in sunlight, impossible with sunglasses, and not real easy unless bent down in walkway.

27365704388_c948987f55.jpgIMG_7466 by Lone Star, on Flickr

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Why in the hell did Malibu choose that as a place to mount a unit??!!  That might actually be worse than the under the armrest mount!

IMO, turn that into a storage pocket and mount the head unit elsewhere.

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5 hours ago, Nitrousbird said:

Why in the hell did Malibu choose that as a place to mount a unit??!! 

Agree - 100%  I'm baffled by the whole thing.  I might try to see if a double din splash guard might cover it.  Replacing with the WS-MC1 is the 'right decision' most likely, but that would lead to speakers, amps, and a sub needing to be purchased as well.  At this point, I just want to music to stay on - am I asking too much?  :)

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So I'm not going to call this a 'brilliant solution' but i used a jig saw and an $8 piece of king starboard to get it done.  the glove box is still pretty accessible and it's a way better place for the control.  It would be better in the dash but really, we just bluetooth from our phones anyway, so 90% of the fiddling is on a mobile anyway.  I do have the hole in the side to deal with but want to rock it like this for a little while to make sure I'm happy with it.

Anyway - just wanted to close out this thread.  Thanks for the tips and commiseration - both were helpful!  :)



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