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Wedge issue

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So after 8 years and 930 hours I finally have an issue I can’t figure out. 2010 LSV, 350 with Malivue. Was surfing last weekend using the presets as normal, everything working like a champ, pull out and trailer up all systems are go. Put in mid week for a quick run or two and the wedge deploys no problem, incremental changes work fine then it’s time to go home. The wedge won’t move at all, no noise nada! Disconnect the back of the actuators and tie the wedge to the housing to get home. We hang a little and then after a few minutes I can get the wedge to move but only partly. I crack into it tonight thinking bad actuators and when I open them up they literally have the OEM dust in them a look as new as the day they were made. I try deploying the rams with a hair dryer blowing on the paddle wheel and I can get the rams to move about 1” for both. At this point I am thinking I need to “recalibrate the wedge” which I have read the 2010s don’t have that option other than cycling the wedge all of the way up and down 2 times. I disconnectedness the batteries hoping that may clear out a sensor issue, but I ain’t feeling that. I have a solid 12v to the dash so I am thinking maybe incorrectly it’s not a voltage issue to the wedge BICBW. Any thoughts? Thanks for any input. Bill

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1 hour ago, saxton15 said:

Did you get any codes on the malivue?

Prior to messing with it tonight I checked for active/inactive faults and both were empty. Is there a position sensor somewhere that anyone knows of. There almost has to be to detect wedge position for the display

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Almost forgot. I can get the wedge to fully deploy to the lowest position, but it will only raise to what is observed as MAX wedge position on the Malivue when I use the MUX switch. On the Malivue when I use and hold the MUX with the UP button the wedge appears to be bouncing up and down on the screen like it is hitting a stop and reattempting to raise. And it will not raise/stow or even move when the GO HOME preset is pushed.

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Finally resolved my wedge issue. I am guessing the computer hiccuped and temporarily lost it’s mindand calibration. So I disconnected the batteries (13.2 v/12.8v after charging overnight) reconnected them and got the wedge to deploy as intended. I used the hair dryer technique to spin the paddle wheel initially to get the wedge to raise but it kept quitting on me. So while I was sitting in the drivers seat with the dryer spinning the paddle wheel I glance over the speed portion of the Malivue to see that the paddle wheel was spinning between 22.3 and 24 mph. Of course the wedge isn’t going to move or quit moving when it passes the 15 mph wedge safety speed. I finally decide to get some help and get it set up correctly. I just need to do some final adjustment on the wedge adjustment plate to get to it’s all the way stowed position which is about a 1” adjustment. 

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