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06 23XTI Questions

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Just picked up a 06 23 XTI for the family.   Pleasure boat for family, nothing hardcore so they layout and direct drive is fine but have a few questions.

1.  The bow height is crazy low it seems...I know the engine being midship doesn't help but do xti owners just recommend watching the weight in the bow and maybe keeping the stern tanks full?  On plane the boat rides perfect but at rest and idle the boat feels and looks like its tilting forward.   Assuming this is something I have to get used to but wanted to get others feedback. 

2.  Where are the rear ballast pumps.....1 is out.  The only 1 I have found so far is just forward of the engine.  Are they in the stern under the 2 little trunk boxes?

3.  Boat is only turning about 4300 rpms wot and getting about 36 mph and the boat was very light.  Was expecting more.  I think the prop reads 13 x 12 but hard to tell.   Boat only has about 185 hours.....think I need to change the plugs?   Oil and impeller just changed. 


Thanks for your help and feedback!

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The XTI is a pretty rare bird, but I sure love mine!

1.  The bow height takes some getting used to, but sure makes for a sexy profile that has been lost as boats get bloated.  It's the same as the Vdrives from that era and they all sit the same in the water.  Takes some attention while turning around to pick up your rider.  I wouldn't fill the rear ballast just to try and change the level of the bow, it won't do much.

2.  All the ballast pumps are in the engine bay area.  Look under your boat for the holes where the water is sucked in for the ballast and the pumps will be right above those.  I've been lucky as my pumps are all still functional.

3.  What elevation are you at?  Your rpms and speed are both low.  With the 13 x 12 I turn about 4900 and 44mph but I'm at about 700 feet.  185 hours is crazy low!  Others may chime in, but you may want to change the plugs, cap, and rotor.


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3rd inboard boat....had an 89 2001 sn, a 2001 23lsv, and this one.    I figured it was just the nature of the boat regarding bow height. 

Anyone have the part numbers etc for Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, clean air filter, replace fuel filters?  Possibly a tune up kit?

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Bakesonline is where I got all my tune up stuff.  They did have some kits that had everything in them.  If you are a paying member here you get a discount.  You also get a discount at wakemakers.com, between the two discounts I have paid for my membership for many years to come.  My fuel filter was a Napa and still had the numbers on it.  Congratulations, should be a fun boat for a very long time.

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