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Looking to order a 2019

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Im currently in the process of finding a boat to order for next year.   I just sold my 2016 Axis T23 with the 35 and now looking for new a surf boat that produces a long wave with lots of push.   Which boat do you feel is best for this either in the Malibu and Axis line up without going to the M235?   I really like the walk thru on the MXZ, but like the overall looks of the 23 LSV.  Your thoughts?   

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So you didn't like the wave on the T23, too short? I always thought it was supposed to make a great wave but I've never surfed one. I have heard great things about the A24 and new MXZ for surfing... My guess is the LSV would be closer to what you had in the T23 but just speculating here.

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Yes I felt the wave in a 2016 T23 was short and huge.  Great for starting out, but trying to progress and looking for longer.  Also this boat had the 350 in it and I want a little more engine.  

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I think the 23 LSV is the best looking boat overall and I bet you'll be happy with the wave on it or the MXZs since they're very similar. I'm tempted to try out the redesigned 25 LSV since that's a step up in wave from those 3 boats but the extra length and weight can be an issue if you're tight on storage or tow vehicle.

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Should be a re-designed hull on the T23 this year.  If wave was your only real reason of going up to Malibu, you may want to test that new hull once it gets out in the wild. The new A24 from 2018 also had rave reviews for its wave.  

If you are looking at Malibu, can't go wrong with the 23 LSV.  

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Not sure where you are located but in Portland area my local dealer (AWS) just had a series of demo days.  Multiple boat all out ready to demo on the same day.   

You may even want to look at a 2018 and possibly get a deal on a close out if you are not looking to do a custom build.   Suggest to either look for a local event or talk to the dealer about a demo a 2019 once they are available.   Good luck. 

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