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Phase 5 Vibe/Colt


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Does anybody have any experience with Phase 5 Vibe or Colt models. My local shop found an old one collecting dust and can get a super good deal on it. Wondering how it compares to other models and there isn’t that much info online 

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Ended up riding it this weekend, seems like a decent board, was nice and fast and agile, but if anybody has anymore experience let me know. 

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I have a Colt.  It is a fast board.  Not sure what type of info you are looking for but it is still in a regular rotation on my boat.  I mainly ride the Hammerhead but pretty much all my new riders get up on the Colt initially and enjoy it.  And that isn’t to say the Colt can’t be enjoyed by more seasoned riders either.  

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@hethj7 was wondering how it compared to a model x/current models, and how it rides. It seemed like a fast fun fairly easy riding board. But wondered how easily it would spin with less fins on. Was leaning towards a model x or Victoria factor as next board, but the. Came across good deal on Vibe: Currently only have 1st board a slow stable hyper lite broadcast 

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I can only speak to the Hammerhead specifically and not the Model X.  The Colt doesn’t spin as easy but could break free going with two fins, especially if you get two short ones to put on it.   But no doubt, a true skim board like some you have mentioned definitely will be looser than the Colt.  

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The Colt is a great board.  A friend had one, and he taught a bunch of people to wakesurf on that board, including me.  It was almost everyone's favorite.  Unfortunately, it flew out of a board rack one night, never to be seen again.  We searched the lake for days.  I called Phase 5 and bought the closest thing they had at the time, but it's not exactly the same.  I later bought a Model X because it's a little like the Colt (a hybrid), and it's now my favorite board.  It's thinner, lighter, and a little more responsive than the original Colt, although that could be because of the fin setup, and I think the later Colt was thin as well (my friend had the older wood grained version).

I'm not sure how the Colt spins, because ours was lost before I was doing 360s, but as you can probably tell, a lot of people around here really liked that board.   From what I can recall, it felt really stable, but it also turned easily.  The older version had 3 fins.  The more recent Colt had 4 fins.  I like the option of being able to run a single fin, but if you have a few different fins, you can probably set both versions so they feel the same.  I think the old Colt had a little more nose rocker than the Model X, and being thicker, it sits higher in the water, and the rails seemed softer than the Model X, giving it a smoother, but less precise feel.

Full disclosure: I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I tried...

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