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Small box anchor set up


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Just got the small box anchor.  Looking to buy 1/2 x 100 black anchor line with thimble, then looking for a 5/16 shackle to connect to anchor.  Also will be using the anchor buddy as well sometimes.  How do you recommend hooking it all up?  Loop in anchor line at 45 feet?  What size and strength should i have the shackle?

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5 minutes ago, EricZ28 said:

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but this is what I use to hook my box anchor up to my boat. A little pricey, but totally worth it. Super easy to slide it down the rope to the length needed


I second the Danik hook. Very well built, worth the cost. Buy once and it will last you a lifetime.

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My box anchor setup is a little weird, but works well for me and I can use it in almost all conditions I boat in. Here's my setup:

2 - Anchor Buddy's (I use 2 because of the 25LSV weight) attached to anchor with shackles

1 - 7/16" anchor line that is @ 75ft long attached to anchor with a shackle

At approx 45' from the anchor, I have an Alpine butterfly loop where the 2 Anchor Buddy's attached (keeps them from over-stretching) and I have bowline loop at the end of the 75' for a carabiner to attach to the front of the boat. I can attach the line to my boat at 45' to 75' depending on depth (anywhere in-between if I add another butterfly loop). I have the anchor line because that is what I use to pick up the anchor from the bottom. I ruined an Anchor Buddy pulling up a stuck anchor. It's a lot to throw into the water every time, but I'd rather have too much in the water than not enough. 

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I had a Anchor Buddy that came unclipped when I tossed the anchor over. I was happy that I only lost a Danforth anchor and not my Box Anchor. @Murphy8166 just lost his in the same way. Slide Anchor people recommend to NOT use the Anchor Buddy for the same reason. The clip will come off if it happens to be in the wrong position when you toss the anchor.

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I tie a loop in my long line about 15 feet or so from the boat and attach my anchor buddy to the loop.  That way the anchor buddy keeps the tension, but my long line is my redundant backup in case it comes loose.

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What size shackle are you guys using to connect the thimble to box anchor?  I will be using the 1/2 in line if that is enough.

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