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G4 Tower: Squeaking or Clicking?

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I am starting this thread because this topic became a rabbit hole in another tread dealing with 2019 Model Year changes.  So, and for the record, my G4 tower tends to squeak when I hit choppy water.  I have heard from others that their G4 tower clicks when out on the water.  I have posted the following Service Advisory "SA No - MY16.Adv01.JUL08 - G4 Tower Noise" to my box.com site (below) and am curious to know if this SA also fixes the clicking sounds others have heard.  So, I would like to know of those out there with clicking sounds, what remedy have you used to fix this issue?  Also, does the SA fix the squeaking sound?




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I torqued those 8 bolts to 50 lb-ft each.  I ran out of loc-tite mid-project so,only 4 of the bolts got it.  They were all torqued to significantly less than 50 lb-ft, but none were "loose."  Only time will tell whether that was the source of my clicking noises--though I'm pretty certain it was coming from the tower.  The clicking noises were only occasional for me so it will be a few weeks before I will be willing to declare victory.  

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Thank you for the Service Advisory documentation.  I love my G4 BTW.  It's had the clicking noise for 2 seasons.  It only emanates from the left side of the tower in choppy water and is easily drowned out by music, so it's been easy to live with.  However, first spin this spring it's become a loud squeak that is no longer possible to live with :(  I'll try the Service Advisory guidance next time I'm at the Lake and report back.  Hopefully it's just that simple.  Have you guys had any further issues after tightening the bolts?

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I ended up taking mine mostly apart. There was a lot of work getting all the pieces including racks removed. Sad to say it didn’t seem to help although there were a lot of looser bolts. I also had issues with the legs not being lined up properly and the gaps not matching. I hope you have better luck than me. 

Dealer worked on it 3 times before I worked on it. Takes a long time!

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I looked into buying a torque wrench and decided to hold off of this fix until later.  I had boat out this past weekend and it still squeaks like crazy.  It will be my goal to apply the Service Advisory by the end of the summer.  

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I have tried a torque wrench and Loctite and still get the terrible squeaking sound every time you hit a wave on the right hand side the left hand side seems good. I was wondering if they made a gasket set or something so metal on metal is not rubbing. Had mine to the dealer too many times to count nothing works would like to hear that there is a fix

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I had one on my old Malibu. I couldn’t get the squeak to go away and neither could the dealer. There’s a reason Malibu stopped using PTM made towers and started making there own towers. 

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