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Pop up Navigation Light Not Working

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I have a 2015 VLX with one of those pop up  (swiveling) bow navigation lights.  It just stopped working.  It’s not the light bulb.  I checked the light bulb by taking it out and connecting it directly to a 12V battery.  It works fine.  All the other boat lights work fine also.

Any ideas?  Is there a fuse for the nav light, if so where?  


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Use a Volt/Ohm meter or 12v test light to check the connections. Those connections are notorious for getting corroded and not letting a good light get power. If it's not getting power at the fixture. It's most likely is the fuse.

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11 hours ago, Padge said:

There is a fuse under the dash for it 

Ok.  Thanks for that bit of info.  I found the fuse box under the helm and the NAV fuse.   Unfortunately, that fuse is just fine and in fact I’m getting power right up to the swiveling NAV unit.  The issue is with the Aqua Signal light box itself.  I can’t see any obvious signs of corrosion, though my kids were flipping that thing around a bunch a couple weeks ago.  I guess I’ll find out what a replacement unit costs on Monday.

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That is going to be the going rate and has been since I bought mine last year. Not a bad price considering it is all SS. If you checked the bulb and it is still good it is most likely the guts. They sell replacements LED bulbs for it also which I would seriously consider buying IIWM.

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Actually check inside. Sometimes the contacts get stretched and the bulb doesn’t touch both sides. Take the bulb out and squeeze the contacts tighter and reinsert bulb to see if it works. 

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1 hour ago, That Guy said:

I've got one new in box I never got around to installing, do $60 shipped to you? PM me if interested.

Interested. We’re on our way home, I’ll PM you later tonight. 

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7 hours ago, Cory said:

This might be the unit:  https://www.fisheriessupply.com/aqua-signal-series-24-bi-color-hide-away-combination-sidelight-24600-7


anyone know where to get it for less.  I assume Malibu will sell it for even more.

I can get wholesale and tax free thru fisheries supply, but it’s still more than the offer you got above. If that falls thru, give me a shout. 

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  • 3 months later...

I bypassed that switch on my light with a bit of solder and wire. It rusted into a fixed off position within a month of having the boat.

Now I turn on the light. It’s on. Off. It’s off. I  get the safety feature of the mercury switch.  But it’s a bit more dangerous that it fails when you need it imo.



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  • 9 months later...

Old thread I know but just had the same issue with mine.  Worked when I first turned it on the other night then noticed a few minutes later it was off.  A few smacks got it working again.  Took it apart today thinking I would find a loose wire or bulb or something.  Nope...bad mercury switch like mentioned.  Removed the switch and wired straight now and works perfectly.  Thanks for the info on the switch...no desire to spend upwards of 100 bucks on a new one just for the flip on/off feature.


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  • 9 months later...

This is awesome! I almost installed my 3rd one of these lights, but now I’ll bypass the switch and put an LED in and it will be fine I’m sure! Saved me $100, thanks! 

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  • 1 month later...

This was a quick 10 minute fix. Just snip the gray/white wire, strip a little wire away, and  sauder together. Bypassing the mercury switch worked like a champ!

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You guys just reminded me that mine gets so hot that it's hard to touch after it's been on. Don't use it often so haven't been concerned but is there a fix for that issue?

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