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Eng Fault OxyB1Rich

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I followed a thread and found this active fault. Wondering if anyone can interprret the meaning.  Family is out here for the week and the local dealer has a 2 week backlog to look at it...

FAULT       1 of      1



SPN       65563 CM 0



FMI 0    OC 127




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A leaking injector, too much fuel pressure, faulty connection or O2 sensor can cause the fault code.  Try switching the O2 sensor from one side to the other, and see if the same alarm happens or if it switches to the other bank (SPN 65561 FMI 0) to help determine if it is a wiring, fueling, or sensor issue.

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After switching the sensor, I still get the same OxyB1Rich fault. How do I determine whether it is a leaking injector or too much fuel pressure and what’s the fix?

when the fault occurs power is reduced to holding the boat around 20 and it acts like speed control is on and it’s having trouble maintaining  

It’s a family boat...  pressing E through the faults apparently became a way to stay out on the lake. 

In the inactive list were 4 misfires cylinders 1,2,8 and random. I checked the plugs and they looked pretty worn and black. Will replace once the stores open.  

The other 2 inactive faults were:

Coolant sensor  SPN 110. Cn  0. Fmi 15.

EtcPps2range.  SPN 65604. Cn 0. Fmi 12.

The trip to the dealer is looking like a must unless perhaps some of these are related   I’ve got a new impeller so I’ll swap that out in hopes of clearing the coolant sensor.  I was told a new one was put in right before I bought it about 50 hours ago.  I was also told it was tuned up but the plugs tell another story ...

thanks for any guidance,







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Try changing the spark plugs first.  That may fix the issue, but high fuel pressure or leaking injectors can foul the plugs out quickly.  The best way to see if you have too much fuel pressure or if the injectors are leaking is with a fuel pressure gauge.  It should read 58-61 PSI when running, and you shouldn't have a pressure loss of more than 5-10 PSI for at least 10 minutes when you shut the motor off.  High pressure trends to be a fuel pressure regulator issue, and pressures loss can be an injector issue (or possibly fuel pump issue).

Keep in mind that unburnt fuel is not good for the cats.  You may want to have them checked out too.

The SPN 65504 code could be an issue with the electric throttle control at the helm.  If the sensors inside it are out of range, the motor will only run at idle speed as a safety precaution, until you shut the motor off and restart.  Corrosion or wear on the harness plugs at the control or motor side harness are other common causes.

Changing the impeller is probably a good idea, but also check the transmission cooler on the front of the engine to make sure it is not clogged with grass, impeller pieces or other debris.

Active codes usually take three heat cycles to go inactive after a repair (which means the engine coolant needs to go from below about 100 degrees to above 140 degrees to below 100 degrees three times).  They can also be cleared using diagnostic software (like from Rinda.com).

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