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Rudder replacement?

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Hello fellow TMC members

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding cost and ease of replacing a rudder? I have an ‘06 sunscape I love but she has an interesting looking vertical crack on the rudder. It’s faint and disappears on one side and not visible on the other. No other dings or scratches on the fins, prop, or rudder. Quite a mystery as to the cause. Regardless, just wondering on cost and ease of replacement. Steering is fine, cables good. Just a funny crack. 



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@LarsJensen:  Rudder itself is drop out and replace, the rudder box adds a bit to the project.  Biggest annoyance is the fuel tank above the rudder tends to be in the way.  No experience with a Sunscape as far as access to the topside where you remove the tiller to drop out the rudder, a DD is fairly easy.

Sources include, but not limited to:




I would probably have the rudder magnafluxed to verify a crack.

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According to Bakes it will cost you $795 for a new rudder assembly.  My guess is you only need the rudder part.  

Replacing it is not tough.  You'll need to lift the stern of the boat off the trailer to make sure the rudder clears the trailer as it slides out. Other than that you loosen the tiller arm and get a friend to catch it as it slides out.  Keep that friend around for when you put the new one back in.  Can be done in 15-30 minutes.


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Also when I pulled my rudder a few weeks ago, I raised the boat about 3-4 inches off the trailer.  This gave me enough clearance to slide it through into place.  The rudder should then sit on the trailer, but in it's slot.  At this point you can lower the boat back and continue securing it back to the tiller arm.  

Top tip:  Use a piece of wood to distribute the jack pressure on the hull.  

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What about welding or brazing the old rudder to fix it?  I'd start with that before I bought a new one... but I'm cheap that way.


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If you're going to go through the hassle of dropping the rudder I'd definitely consider adding a new rudder rebuild/seal kit from Marine Hardware.  The kit includes a new teflon flange and seals/o-rings.

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Thanks all! Good thoughts and techniques. Perhaps I can take out the existing one and have a welder just run a bead down the line and reinstall. 

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