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How long should it take for screens to come on once power button is pushed?

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Maybe a silly question, but how long should it take for the screens to turn on after I push the power button? I swear when I first used my boat this year (2014 Malibu 23 LSV) they would come up right away and the blower would turn on. Now they take 2-3 minutes and the blower stays off until the screens come on. Sometimes they come on faster, but I havent found any commonality that would explain why (does it on either battery, etc).

If it does seem like a problem, any idea what could be causing it?



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My screens always seem to take 10-15 seconds to become legible, I get some  "garbage" on the screen before  the Malibu logo. If it's taking 2-3 minutes it *might* be corrupt storage on the computer and it needs to "check" it before the OS can boot. Is it every start, or do they come on instantly after you've been running for a while? I recall my screen turning on almost instantly if the boat has been running for a while, like a sleep-mode on the computer and the button wakes it up. I'll shoot a video a post it later this week for comparison. If you don't see anything by 6/29/18 send me a PM to remind me.

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Thanks all, might have to take it in for service. The computer is only a month old...had to replace it for a different reason. Wonder if the firmware didnt quite load correctly... 

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Hi all,

I'm back with this same problem - I thought I could just deal with it and have it looked at over the winter, but the problem is getting worse and has some new symptoms...I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose the problem!

So, what happened to me today is only one of my two batteries would turn the screens on. The other wouldn't turn them on at all...I waited 10 minutes and nothing happened. I noticed the backlight of the power button was very faint and almost flickering with the "bad" battery. The other battery fired them up right away. I decided to charge the one that wasn't working, but it didnt seem to change anything.

I went out to the lake and ran on the good battery. I turned it off once for some swimming, and when I tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't fire back up. The power button was faint and flickering and the screens wouldn't come on. This is on the good battery. The only way I was able to get everything going was setting it so both batteries were on. Then the power light was bright and the screens fired right up.

Anyone have any experience with this? Do I have bad batteries, wiring, alternator, something else? Anything I can try to isolate the problem? Really trying to avoid a trip to the shop in the middle of the summer but also dont want to get stranded in the middle of the lake!


Thanks in advance,


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I promised a video and I don't have it, shame on me. I did observe the following over the weekend: The computer has a sleep & shutdown timer when the boat is turned off (pressing the on/off button). I didn't time it, but I noticed that if I turned the boat off (engine off via start/stop and power off via on/off) that I could come back to the boat in a few minutes and the computer would turn on right away when I pressed the power button. If I waited a significant amount of time and then pressed the on/off button then the computer would reboot, the blower would come on, and the screens would have the default "splash" boot logos.

I'm not sure, but the threshold seems to be in the 15-20 minute ballpark.

The behavior you describe sounds more like low voltage, but high (enough) amperage from the batteries; I'm guessing you don't have enough voltage to run the computer, but if you could have enough power to turn the engine over and get the computer to boot correctly then. You should have a key that you can manually start the engine as well as use the touchscreen computer to start. What happens when you start the engine with the key? (when the computer is acting up)

PS: I re-read the post and you have 2014, while mine is a 2015. The Medallion computer is completely different between the two, but the logic still holds true. Try to boost the voltage when you turn the computer on via a jump box or battery charger, if the computer acts normal with extra voltage then you have a battery issue. You might want to also check the cable studs on the battery switch, something could be lose and causing voltage issues.

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Thanks for all the help, @mikeo!

I finally was able to spend some time on this tonight. Voltage from both batteries is fine (~12.8V). I was able measure the power right at the Maliview so I don't have a bad connection on the way in.

I actually am suspecting my power switch is on it's way out, which is causing my issue. I noticed today that I could get one good power up followed by a bad one with the same battery configuration, so that along with good voltage makes me think the batteries are fine. It seems that depending on how I push the power switch, I get a good power on or bad one. After I found this, I found a few other posts on this forum describing a similar problem that was fixed by replacing the switch. I'll get one on order and update whether it fixed my problem or not.

Thanks again for all the insight!


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