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Exile Javelin sub channel out again


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I may be jumping the gun a little here.  First, let me start off by saying that I am thrilled with my Exile equipment that I have had for the last couple years as well as the customer service I have received.  I have an Exile BT, ZLD, javelin 5 channel running 8-6.5" RF in boats and an Exile 12" in a q bomb box and an Arc Audio 300.4 powering a single pair of Exile XM9's.  I purchased my stuff in June of 2016 directly from Exile on a trip to Northern Oregon.  After some challenges with my DIY install, I had to take my boat to two different shops to isolate some engine noise (first shop was my choice, second was an Exile referral).  Ultimately the second shop diagnosed the problem as a bad set of brand new RCA cables (also Exile).  The shop (2 hours away from me) replaced the RCA's with some cheap looking cables and it was good to go.  After pulling my hair out chasing the noise, it was finally dialed and I loved it.  Almost exactly 1 year to the date, my sub channel went out on the Javelin.  I sent it in for repair, under warranty, and they were awesome in getting it back to me in short order AND in time for a week long houseboat trip.  I got it installed and all was good until this year.  Almost exactly 2 years from date of purchase and 1 year from failure number 1.  Both failures were identical in nature.  The sub would work and not work intermittently and got progressively worse.  I thought it may be wiring so I tore everything apart to check connections.  When I sat down to email Exile, I came across the email I had sent in a year earlier and it was almost exactly the same as what I wrote this time around.  This leads me to believe the problem is the same as before.  On the last go around, I worked with Donovan and even though it was in peak season, he handled my issues promptly and I was never wondering what was going on.  Fast forward to this year, I sent Donovan an email on 6/7 and did not receive a reply back.  I waited about a week (6/13) and emailed the customer service email address figuring that it was possible that Donovan  was no longer working there.  Still crickets.  I called and left a voicemail today after business hours so we will see what happens from here.  I am hoping that  #1. they are busy making money in this prime season, and just overlooked my email and #2. they find the time to follow up and let me know how to proceed and a big #3 that I am hopeful for is that they have a reasonable solution to get me back up and running, WITH their equipment. They have a 1 year warranty, 2 years if you run their amp with their speakers.  I run their sub but the stock RF cabins.  I am literally days out of the 2 year warranty.   I will update as soon as I hear back from them.  I am cautiously optimistic.

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Update already. I got an email from Brian this evening. As to be expected, they are swamped this time of year. I may or may not be covered under warranty but they have a more than fair replacement program if i choose not to repair my amp. It all boils down to weather or not it's under warranty. If it was a 1 year, it's done, if they extended to 2 years because i used their sub (or not because i run my RF in boats on the other channels), i would be literally within days of two years and would need to dig up my receipt to confirm. Either way, the Exile Javelin will be back in my boat. Thanks Exile!!

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