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2015 - Won't read USB or BT


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Black box came from Malibu, but I put in the amps and speakers.  When I turn it to "USB input" it just says that it is reading.  And it will do that all day long, and never finish.  The boat connects to the phone via bluetooth, but it won't play audio from my phone, either.  So basically all I get is FM radio.  It has never worked, though to be honest, it took me until last year to get the thing wrapped up.  I did have to replace the small 7" Viper touchscreen, not sure if there is anything there that is goiing on?  USB is plugged into the Rockford Fosgate blackbox thing, directly.

And while I am asking, anyone know of a way to make the tower speakers change media together with the main cabin speakers, or do I have to take the extra step wiht that, too?

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Try the side box where you can put phone under the throttle. I believe that is the correct usb. Are you asking to hear speakers only though tower or Boat speakers only?

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5 hours ago, klingsdesigns said:

Try the side box where you can put phone under the throttle. I believe that is the correct usb. Are you asking to hear speakers only though tower or Boat speakers only?

I want to think I have tried that, but I'll do it, again just to make sure.


No, I know how to do one or the other.  I was wondering if I could tie the inputs together.  So if I am listening to my phone on both, and want to change to the USB, is there a way to do it in one step (right now, I have to change one channel, then endure two different sources until I can change the other)..

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if you source over to USB, without the USB device connected yet, what does the display say? Usually when the media source says reading, it knows something is connected. This indicates the jumper connection between the USB port and black box pigtails is connected. Points to a black box or USB device conflict. If you are on USB and then plug in and there is no change on the screen, this usually points to a disconnected UBS at the black box or a bad USB port or jumper cable. 

So your phone syncs with the boat's BT but no audio when you source over to BT. Sounds like the blue tooth receiver's audio output is not connected to the black box audio-in. 

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See what version of the Rockford fosgate black box you have.  If it is an RFX6000, it may only be usb compatible with iPhone 4s and below, and thumb drives with mp3 or wma files.  The usb media plug in the glove box should connect to the black box usb input.

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I'll check on the version.  It is whatever came from Malibu in the Summer of 2015 (tail end of the 2015MY run).  The box only recognizes that there is a USB when it is plugged directly into the USB lead on the black box (I have had it in and out a few times as I've done the install, so maybe I didn't re-connect it to the glove compartment, though my intent is to plug it in and leave it).  Otherwise it just skips over it when scrolling through input options.  All files are MP3's.  Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S7.


On edit - and to be clear, I am plugging the thumb drive DIRECTLY into the black box.

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RFX5000.  I have not tried a different USB, but I have used this USB in my truck (aftermarket Kenwood with Android Auto) and in my car (factory USB, 2010MY BMW).  Works fine in those, but it won't hurt to try another drive.  Or I guess I could try to hook up my old iPod to it.  (and as I've said, it has been plugged directly into the input cable on the box, and I've even tried the SD card input  which is also a USB).

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Okay, so I was mistaken, the drive actually has a mixture of different types of media on it.  It works in my truck (aftermarket Kenwood head unit).  Most are M4A, as I still keep an old, old iPod in the car.   There are a few WAVs from bootlegs of some bands I like.  And the rest are MP3's.  I have a drive now with only MP3's and it works, but I do have to figure out how to navigate, as the display doesn't show any band or album info, only track number.

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