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Carpet replacement - gator step, sea deck, new carpet or ?


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Good morning-

We purchased a 2007 23 LSV and although the carpet doesn’t look too bad it has a stench that gets worse when wet.  We have shampooed it which has definitely helped but I think the ultimate goal is to replace with something new.  I have researched others previous threads bu t am still unsure which way to go.  It doesn’t seem many suppliers have the pattern for our boat so we will need to create one.  Curious what others have done and how it turned out...seems pulling the carpet will be a challenge.

Would appreciate some insight, thanks!


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I'm planning on going with Deckadence Marine flooring next off season.  I'm thinking the Deckadence will be the better option since the floor in both of our boats is bare fiberglass and not gelcoat. The floor will need to be painted with with Kiwi Grip or something similar.  In addition, Deckadence can be removed and hosed off.

No matter which you go, it will be fairly expensive.

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Thanks Kojak, I will look into this option...I don't think anything is cheap with boats, especially if it is cool!  If possible I want to stay away from doing carpet again to avoid the same problems.

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I have considered SeaDek and haven't completely ruled it out yet. I installed it on my swim platform last year and really like it.  It's a good product.

I'm leaning towards the Deckadence due the fact that if there are any issues with my flooring, such as sagging or just not level, it will be covered up with the Deckadence.  If it's fine and I can make it look good with Kiwi Grip (or possibly with gelcoat as long as it's not too expensive) I may go with the SeaDek. 

It all depends what I find once I pull the carpet. 


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Got in touch with Mason at Gatorstep and it sounds like quite a bit of work to use their product.  Our boats would require an marine epoxy leveling compound prior to placement of the Gatorstep.  He said it was pretty labor intensive but looks awesome when completed.  My problem is time as I have two girls, soccer, work, life, etc...  Would the Deckadence not require the leveling step?  Wondering how soft it is?  I like the fact you can take it out and wash it, that is priceless especially with kids!

did the SeaDek platform install go pretty well? 

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That's exactly why I'm leaning towards the Deckadence.  It should mask any areas that aren't totally level and can be removed for cleaning.  And it seems I never have enough time for everything.

The swim platform install was a breeze.  The biggest issue is making sure all the old adhesive is removed. 

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