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Voltage reading slowly climbing - help! '05 RLXi

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The last several outings my voltage reading has slowly climbed to where it gets to offscale high.

First remedy was to change alternator and belt.  That was completed and now it still slowly climbs after starting at idle and battery voltage (~13V or so) until it gets to offscale high.  One time it has caused a beeping alarm and "check engine" warning.  I have operated the boat about 4 times since and noticed that it the gauge will go back to battery voltage after shut off then slowly climb to offscale high.  I have not noticed any other abnormal operations.

I have about 1,00 hours on my 2005 Response LXi w340 monsoon.

Is there an external voltage regulator that needs to be replaced?  I have automotive experience but not much with these engines and engine management systems.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!!!

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I can only think of two things that might be happening.  The first is that you have a bad connection somewhere, and the gauge is simply misreading voltage.  The second is that your regulator is bad.  Since you have changed the alternator (and presumably the regulator comes with it), and since you say that the voltage climbs after you shut the engine off, it can't be the regulator.

So with that in mind, you are dealing with a ghost, and will have to find it in order to solve your problem.  Luckily, your handy multimeter is just the tool you need.   Test the battery voltage when the problem is happening.  Test the alternator output when the problem is happening.  Test the main power connection under the dash.  If everything is good, you indeed have a ghost.

Rather than attempt to find it, it is best in this case to just assume that every electrical connection is cruddy, so before you even bother probing around to find the bad one, crawl under the dash with a flashlight and a screwdriver, then proceed to loosen, wiggle, and retighten every connection you can find.  Start with the terminal block, then proceed to fuse holders, the fuses, and any other inline connections you can find.  Your job here is to clean *everything*, not just the three wires you suspect. 

If that doesn't chase the ghost away, the next step is to start probing with your meter to find where good meets bad.  I'm guessing you won't have to, and by cleaning all of your connections, you will keep other ghosts away as well.

Good luck!

- Just Gary 

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I should have clarified this statement a little further:  ... the gauge will go back to battery voltage after shut off then slowly climb to offscale high....

I meant to state that I shut the boat off, turn key back to ON, reading goes to normal battery voltage.  Start engine, voltage reading goes to normal charging voltage 13 or 13.5, THEN while engine running it starts to climb.  Reading DOES NOT change while engine is off - it reads resting battery voltage which is correct.

I drove it yesterday to observe this again and then start taking readings with a voltmeter but I ran out of time and it operated normally.

I will call the local dealer today to confirm that this boat has an external voltage regulator, get a spare, so I can troubleshoot next weekend.  I will report back.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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Local dealer stated that the voltage regulator on my boat is internal to the alternator that I just replaced.  This leaves the gage, a connection somewhere or a ghost....

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At one point this weekend the dash gage read 18 or more V, I left the engine running and measured w voltmeter across battery terminals and across terminals at alternator and got ~ 14 V.

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