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Oil Pressure Sending Unit 2005 Vride 340 Monsoon

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This started when my oil psi gauge was acting up a couple seasons ago. I replaced the sending unit then and got no psi at that point. Its a sending unit gauge issue that I've been ignoring. Yesterday decided to try to finally troubleshoot it mistake! Ran a jumper wire to the sending plug from the battery negative trying to get something on the dash gauge to move. I heard a click in the motor area when I made the connection. Took the boat out this morning and it was hard to start and immediately got a check engine oil. All that is fine. It ran very rough and would barely start. I've done something electrical to the engine.


Dealer is 3 weeks out from being available to look at it. Is there a way to reflash the ECM? Have I overlooked some fuse somewhere?

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i suspect reflash of ecm isn't going to help and that the ecm is fine.  i can't remember any instance of a reflash doing anything except correcting a programming issue.  icbw; my memory doesn't work like it used to - but i keep forgetting that.  the ecm is pretty well protected but you can let the smoke out of it if you try hard enough.   crew, chime in here if i'm all wet.

i'd hope your "click" was a breaker or fuse popping.  start w the easy stuff.  reset all the circuit breakers on the panel under the throttle lever.

it's also easy to find and replace all 3 fuses at the engine.  they are in a fuse holder under the plastic cover near the ecm.  those three fuses protect fuel, ignition and battery circuits.

here's a pix of a fuse holder in an engine that is installed correctly :) instead of that "lets throw it in backwards and see what happens".  good luck w it.


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I ended up replacing the ECM. I fried the J2 pin 3 when I touched the hot wire. Everything is working good with respect to the engine now. Oil pressure gauge is still not working. I suspect the gauge is bad or gauge computer. During this whole process I replaced all of the sensors on the motor in an effort to not replace the ECM. I finally traced it down to the ECM. I purchased all of the senors off Amazon, way cheaper than marine dealers. I also purchased a scanner for the laptop for a decent price for future if any diagnosis.

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For me it was a simple fix of unplugging the cannon plug and plugging back in.  I then checked the plug male and female for loose connections and did a little cleaning and all is good now.

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