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Boat Revs but won't go

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Last night I reversed my boat off the lift and idled out, probably a mile or so.  I then throttled to speed up, the boat begin to take off then just lost all forward motion however the RPM's continued to rev up.  I turned the boat off and the motor revs up in forward and reverse, but the boat will not move.  I first thought I might have spun my prop off, but the prop is still there.  If almost feels like it is not engaging in forward or reverse from the throttle lever.  Any ideas?  Boat is a 2009 VTX if that matters.


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Had the same issue as @SkiingPT ... does the propshaft move back and forth? you can also see if it is disconnected at coupler... easy fix if it is... need to remove coupler from vdrive and make sure your key and nut are still in there.. I cut a socket down to make it shorter to work in the tight spot..

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6 hours ago, Ndawg12 said:

Check the linkage at the transmission.

I second this.  I had the exact same problem several summers ago.  The nut securing the throttle linkage to the transmission came off.  Not a huge deal until you have to find a 5/32 FINE threaded nut in the middle of nowhere.  I used blue locktite and a lock washer to secure it as I recall.  That could easily be your problem and save you some headache. . . .   After that happened, I threw an extra nut or two in the toolbox.  

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I checked this last night and the prop key is still there so that is off the list.  When I put the boat in reverse the shaft spins slowly coming out of the transmission, but when it is in forward it does not move.  Do I need to remove the four bolts to get to the linkage that NDAWG referenced above.  I can spin the driveshaft right as it comes out of the transmission by hand and it spins relatively easy.


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36 minutes ago, JSpoone said:

I thought it might be electrical as well, but when I put it in reverse the driveshaft moves.

There is a solenoid for reverse and a solenoid for forward...  If you have an electronic engagement.. There is a cable for forward and one for reverse if you don't... Just because you have reverse does not meant that either the forward solenoid or cable is working correctly... 

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