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Selling Factory MLS Tanks?

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Hey Crew,


I just wanted to see everyone's thoughts on this, and I believe that I already know the answer.


I recently upgraded the hard tanks in my 02 VLX with Wakemakers bags.  With that said, I have the old hard tanks taking up space in my garage.  I don't expect I will have any use for them, so I was thinking about selling them, but was not sure if there is anyone out there that might want them so maybe I just pitch them.  My thoughts are that maybe someone might want them who does not have the MLS system on their craft, or someone with an older craft that wasn't setup for this at the time.  I also figured maybe someone who has cracked on due to improper winterization or something might be interested.


What are your thoughts, especially from those of you who have replaced factory hard tanks?  Is there a market for people looking for the factory tanks, or should I put them to the curb to regain some shelf space in the garage?



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Curb. They are junk and no one should want them...there is a reason you upgraded. :)

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