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2011 lsv codes spn 1348 and 1485

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Hey everybody I'm struggling here with my new boat. So I recently figured out my fuel pump relay burned up. Put a new one in took it out for a test drive only at idle and it burned another up. Thought ahead because I figured it would be more than just a relay so I had a spare. Any help would be awesome. Codes are:

spn 1348 fmi 3 voltage above normal or shorter high

Spn 1348 fmi 5 current below normal or open circuit 

Spn 1485 fmi 5 powertrain relay current below normal or open circuit 

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There is no damage to the relay other than after it burns up. I have not checked or verified grounds but not really sure where to start honestly. 

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someone on the board help me out; i know a lot -  just can't remember it

wasn't there a similar issue in the late (2007-8-ish) model years that had something to do with a bad set of connectors (?maybe at the fuel pump?)

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Pin 5 is the one that appears to be burning the relay up any ideas on how I can figure out what wire that would go to?

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Not sure if this helps but the last 2 times I had it out I never got above idle (only had the boat out 4 times now) and both times melted the relay on the same pin 

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I talked to a buddy that's a GM tech. Pin 5 on the relay is power out to the fuel pump. When I get home I am going to see how many amps the pump is drawing, if it is drawing too many that's why its melting obviously. Any ideas on what could cause the pump to feel the need to pull stronger? I have heard of a screen that's in the pump itself but not 100% sure how to get to it or if its visible if I pull the pump out. I want to start there but I also may order a fuel filter but I would think the screen for the pump itself would be gummed up first since it is a pre filter. Any help or pictures 2oukd be awesome.

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It sounds to me like the pump is binding which would draw a ton of amps once power is applied to it.  Not sure why this would not be popping a fuse or circuit breaker prior to burning up the relay.  I doubt a clogged filter would cause the pump to work hard enough to burn up a relay. 

When you say never got above idle is that because you didn't try to apply power or it burned up and quit pumping before you had a chance to speed up. 

I would pull the fuel pump and use a battery to apply power to it and see if it is running freely.  Do it on your work bench not near the fuel tank.  I suspect it is going to struggle and will be pulling a ton of amps. 

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I am going to get an amp meter to see how many it is drawing and check resistance for the wire that's getting hot. Any clue where I can find an automotive equivalent or a replacement fuel pump that's not malibu money in price? Lol

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And to answer your question I never pushed it above idle I was just cruising the lake to get dinner not that it blew before I got going to a quick speed. 

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