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What style battery switch is in your boat?

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Do most of u have a 1/2/1+2 switch or just a 1/1+2 ?

I had an ACR installed although when on bat 1 it's not charging and the battery runs down, if I leave it on combined they both charge.. 

Seems like this is backwards.. 

Also I would think it's a terrible idea to combine in the event bat 1 goes dead... Combining may draw the. Good battery down and bad up to a level u still may not be able to start a boat.. similar like a tiny jump start battery where you sometimes SOL unless u disconnect the battery and jump only from jump pack as not to draw down the jump pack/battery.. 

Seems like the switches should be 1 or 2 or combined? Not 1 or combined

I may have a bad ACR also as it doesn't seem to be working. Had it installed just seems odd..  Also wondering if my bat 1 is on wrong battery? I would think bat 1 should be on alternator, instead I have to run combined now.. led on ACR I can't seem to get it to work.. so I think it's bad if this is possible? And surely Bat one should be on alternator.. maybe the selector terminals are flipped? 

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29 minutes ago, The Hulk said:

or just a 1/1+2

In reality, its ON and COMBINE. When ON, both banks are in use and connected to their perspective loads, not just bank 1.


31 minutes ago, The Hulk said:

I had an ACR installed although when on bat 1 it's not charging and the battery runs down, if I leave it on combined they both charge.. 

Regardless of which switch style you have, if an ACR was added (should have already had an ACR if the have the OFF/ON/COMBINE switch), both banks should get charged. There are many way to incorrectly wire both switch types, when incorporating an ACR.  

I would start by ignoring what ever switch you DONT have, and focus on the style you have and how its wired and diagnose why both banks are not charging. 

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I have an ACR only. No switch. In the rare event that the starter battery goes dead (never happened) there's a small Crescent wrench in the glove box to switch the pos terminals.

No thinking, nothing to remember.

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10 hours ago, oldjeep said:

Draw a picture of how it is wired.  No led sounds like the ground is not installed to the acr. 

I checked this briefly it fwas not connected.then I did it flashed then no longer does.. and does not charge when on bat 1 only.. will make diagram when I look closer 

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