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Boat won't get up to speed. Intermittent problem


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PLEASE HELP! When I surf sometimes I can't get the boat up to speed.Yesterxay I had 2 riders go on the starboard side and evergthing was fine. Then we switched sides so another rider could surf.wben I was testing the wake i couldnt get the boat to create the riding wake. The boat just plowed. I would put wedge back to stow and boat would go amd gain speed. But as i dropped wedge the boat just bogg down. I tried using the preset on tje computer and I also turned it off. 

The Speedo was registering. Not sure what is causing this. It is

It Did it to me over the weekend as well.

I fill boat tanks 100%. I fill 2 extra 400 lbs sacks. One in each rear compartment.

I use.my shaper and and wedge as well.

Do.i have a bad sensor or something I'm not aware of?


I bought boat last summer and it worked great. This is a new issue.

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If all of the boats mechanicals appear to be working and the Malivue is registering or at least show everything to be working normally my first thought would be the wake shaper. I fought the same issue for a weekend before I figured out that I had my suck gate placed down too low on the hull. Everything showed it was working fine and I checked by hand to make sure the wedge was deploying, but I just could not get the wave to develope it was all washed out. I could get it to marginally clean up by moving a person or two, but it was still causing speed holding issues like I had too much wedge deployed or too much rear ballast. To fix the issue all l did was place the top of the suck gate at water level at rest and I have not had an issue with it again. I would run your normally set up with out the wake shaper to see what you get to discount that as the issue.

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I had issues last year with loss of power and ended up solving the problem with my fuel filters. If you haven't changed those yet, I'd start there since its a cheap fix and should be done regularly anyways.

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Thank for the response everyone. I'm also going to see about calibrating the wedge. 

Someone outside this post recommended that as well

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