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Sunsetter VLX Ski Locker will not drain


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I have a 2001 Sunsetter VLX.   The floor ski locker in the middle of the boat is holding a couple inches of water.  The plug at the rear end of the compartment was removed but it is not flowing out or draining.  I think it should drain to the back where the bilge is.    Anyone have any idea why this is not draining? 

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While on somewhat level ground on the trailer?  I think the ski locker area actually sits lower than the bildge pump in that era boat iirc. I think some actually mounted a second bilge pump in that area.  Also try poking something thru the rear drain to clean it out some incase it is clogged up.

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Yeah on level Ground on trailer it will not drain through hole in rear of compartment to back of boat.  I stuck a hanger through it to try and clean out but it still did not flow.   Something has to be plugged under the floor where I can’t see.  Maybe it will drain when I run with bow up when I get in the water.  Thanks for advice 

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That is the low point on my sunsetter on the trailer or in the water.  I have a big painters sponge that I use to absorb most of it and squeeze into a bucket.  It takes a couple of minutes and then have some fans I will point into the ski locker. It is dry in no time! 

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There is a plug under the mat in the locker. It still won't get it all. Best thing to get all of it out is pull the mat out and use a shop vac. You have to go as far into the bow as you can reach. Put the plug back in the goes back to the bilge to prevent water moving forward into the ski locker.

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I used shop vac to get it all out.  The replies all helped.  Interesting that low spot is in middle front of boat with no bilge.  I’ll put the plug in and rear of locker and hopefully that will help.  I think I need a new cover. There is way too much water getting in with a cover on it.  Just bought this used so figuring it all out.  Thanks for the help. 

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