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Good eBay prices on REVO 6 and other


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For anybody doing a major overhaul of in boats like I am, I bought 3 pairs of xs silver grill from  two dealers on eBay .  They both took the same bid of 23.5% off wetsounds retail with free shipping

one guy had a $50 off price on his last pair and took a lesser bid price and the other advertised retail and took the same bid but for 2 pairs -think he had 2 or 3 pairs left after my order

There is s 3rd dealer offering them that I also think was tsking bids who has 8 pairs I think

bought an SD4 6 channel 1370 watt ws amp NEW for $550 off retail as well and it has a RCA pass feature so I can spread my EQ inboat’s  zone over two amps that inboats will use , from a non eBay dealer advertising online 

Snagged a 420 sq eq cheap cheap new with a discounted BT rocker switch as well on eBay 

rev 8 towers were new and $700 off retail !! But no warranty cause not a WS dealer

But in the end with wetsounds used or new and “cheap” it was a small fortune for just WS parts - $2900 with some cables and wiring and power blocks included but not all wires and fuse holders and fuses  yet priced in 


xs10 fa sub used from TMC memb

ws RGB ring kit for sub new

ht6 6 channel 900 watt amp used from TMC member

rev 8 towers new eBay 

ws RGB ring kit for rev 8

Sd4 6 channel 1370 watt amp new love this cause slightly dated but new 

3 pair REVO 6 new on eBay 

420 sq eq new

lighted mount for EQ with Power switches/bays 1 fir my WS BT remote rocker switch (mount not wet sounds but much cheaper and LED lit)

WS BT rocker switch new 

2 WS big block power terminals 

3  WS 5meter RCA pairs one for each zone

2 short rca pairs 1 for EQ main input and  one for rca pass thru from one amp to the other for inboats zone

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My 15' A22 came with SP1 from the factory, but my dealer upgraded it to SP2.

My original setup was 

WS HT6 running four WS 65i cabin speakers and two WS 650's in the bow (no idea why they did this) and a WS 10" sub (the sub was in a small sealed box behind the plastic insert)

WS HT2 running four Icon 8's on the tower.

The system was ok and I wasn't happy with the WS sub so I sold my sub and cabin speakers and started upgrading to WS 650's. I bought two pairs of 650's off ebay and was looking for a 3rd pair and came across a killer deal on six new WS Revo6's so I sold the four 650's that I just bought. I ended up getting a used JL Audio 12w6v3 for free and got a good deal on a refurbished JL Audio MHD 750/1.

Now my setup is.

WS HT6 running six Revo 6's

JL Audio MHD 750/1 running a JL Audio 12w6v3 in a JL spec sealed box (This will be mounted behind the plastic insert so the sub is in the factory location)

WS HT2 running four Icon 8's on the tower

After everything was said and done it cost me less than $750 to do the entire upgrade and it is night and day compared to what it sounded like before.




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