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Helm slipping?

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Proud owner of a 1992 Mystere, purchased back in 1999, but just discovered this forum while looking online for diagnosis.

A few years back I had to replace original steering cable and helm...steering had gotten really hard and I actually broke the helm trying to turn my boat.

In hindsight, I think the cable may have been okay.  After paid for replacement of cable and helm steering still wasn't right, but a neighbor helped my drop my rudder and grease the mount shaft.  Steered like new!

I've recently moved from FL to NC and gotten my boat back on the water after very little use the last few years.  Boat steers fine at low speed.  At high speed if I turn either way, then turn back, the rudder doesn't respond.  It feels as if the helm is slipping.  If I slow down then the rudder will respond.  Obviously, not safe when towing a boarder on a busy lake!

So, I'm wondering if this is a helm issue and there is something that needs to be tightened...or if these new helms have plastic gears that give.  Or if I need to grease the rudder shaft again.  I got a no-response helm, so I wonder if the rudder binds a little bit if that keeps the no-response helm from responding?  Also noticed some mentioned a bearing in the rudder?  Maybe that's the issue.

I'm hopeful maybe someone has dealt with this and I have an idea whats going on before I drop it off at the Malibu place and get charged for hours worth of testing.

My thoughts on possibilities:

1)  Helm needs adjusting/tightening?

2)  Need new helm and should pay for a good one this time (d'uh!)

3)  There's a bearing at the rudder I don't know about that needs replacing

4)  Rudder shaft needs lubrication

Thanks for any experience/help anyone can offer on this.

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Maybe the tiller arm on the rudder shaft is loose?  Get the boat on the trailer and grab the rudder.  Try to move it with and without someone holding the steering wheel.  Problem should be evident.  Doubtful the rack and pinion at the wheel is slipping so look at the tiller.  Access may be a problem with a DD depending on your rear seating.

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