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Operating Tips for 2017 T23


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Hi Gang - I've been enjoying my 2017 Axis T23 and I could use a couple tips:

1) When I turn the stereo on it always defaults on XM radio.  I want it to default to Bluetooth always.  It's annoying because every start and stop I have keep going into the settings menu to put Bluetooth back on.  I hope there is a solution to this....

2) When surfing once in a while I get the very load beep with a surf gate error.  Perhaps in those cases I was too quick on the throttle increase.....just not sure what causes this.....

Thanks for any help!

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Many people wire the stereo to a switch to allow you to bypass the ignition.  This way you hit the switch and power goes to the head unit and anything connected to the head unit via a remote on - like an amplifier or aftermarket BT unit.  It is really easy.  Not sure how things are different with the wiring of the new boats, but I simply removed the connection from my stereo to the ignition, changed out the connection to one that matched the switch and put it on the switch post that was already wired from the factory.  

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I have the same boat, and I have the same issue with the stereo.  I've searched every menu and can't find a fix.  It's also annoying that it doesn't remember the relative volume of the tower speakers vs the cabin speakers.  My tower speakers are set much louder, and I have to back down the tower volume in order for it to mix properly with the cabin speakers (including the sub). I can probably open the power amp and tweak a trim somewhere to fix this, but I don't want to void any warranties.

I've also had the same issue where the surf gate locks down.  This happens when you gun the engine while starting.  This shouldn't be a problem if you learn to throttle up smoothly.  If you want to fix it on the fly, put it in neutral for a split second and then power back up.  That will unlock the surf gate without dropping your rider.

I'll give you one more tip that I just figured out today with the help of a friend: if you hear a rattle in the stern while idling, it might be your surf wedge.  I'm not sure how I will fix it, but it's definitely an issue.  Other than that, it's a great boat!



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Good winter project might be ditching that head unit and installing EQ with media center.  Would be under $450 and would give you no headaches, better stereo control with better bluetooth streaming.

Seems like the Axis head unit is the weak link in the system.  Even on my LSV I went stereo delete and EQ to simplify and have no issues.

Just something to consider.... cheers!:)



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Ill live with having to select BT vs losing surf beep auto vol and the wrist band vol control.

I got the error once with surf tabs, but never again. So maybe it is how people drive. 

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This was a very simple fix once I took a look at the wiring diagram of the radio.

First, the radio controller is under the cabinet.  The control screen the driver uses is a remote from the controller.

Under the cabinet there are many wires going into the controller, but only one red one.

Find a power source near the radio.  You probably have a power source nearby that connects into your amps.  I was lucky to have a splitter located 16 inches away.

I cut the red wire to my radio and provided a new hot wire with a 10amp inline fuse.  Very easy job.

Also - regarding the annoying alarms...all of the various reasons.....the Alarm is located under the dashboard towards to the drivers left hand area.  I put some tape around the alarm and this nearly mutes it.  The driving experience is much more pleasant.




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