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New boat, a few questions.

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Just picked up our new to us 2011 vtx with the lsa motor. Super happy but I have a few questions. First is an issue we are having with the start code. I enter the code in, and when I hit the start engine button the engine starts and then the screen kind of reboots. I then have to enter the start code again in order to turn off the engine. Anyone have any suggestions? The next question is if anyone knows where I could find the rear corner “21” emblem on the blower exhaust. I’m missing one. Awesome site, and I have been soaking up a lot of knowledge. Thanks for any help.

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Sounds like a potential programming issue. I’d call your local dealer to see if they can check to make sure the correct software version is loaded. 

Or someone on here might be able to chime in with how to check and what the latest version is. 

However, a LSA ina VTX?! Holy Batman that would be awesome!!

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Sometimes you can fix errors with the screens if you cycle the battery switch off completely and back on. It's my understanding that these programs run on Windows BICBW. If it is, you know how Windows loves a reboot. This will reload the programs. If not, you'll need a dealer to reprogram you computer.

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I've had that happen to me when the battery voltage dropped during engine cranking and caused the MTC to reboot.  A new battery may solve the problem, but that is just a guess.  Loose or corroded battery connections, helm ground block or power connections can cause it even with a good battery.

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Yep, check the battery volts while it is cranking - you will probably find the volts drop below 10v and causes the computer to have a fit.  I had an issue where the battery was looking normal at around 12.5v but when it cranked the starter motor engaged but couldn't turn the motor (and made an almighty bang!! And all the screens shut off). Turned out it was just a stuffed battery.  A new battery might be all you need.👍

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To get the latest software version your dealer can send you the file electronically then copied to a USB stick.  It's a simple process there is a white USB port cable located under the dash.  Definitely does not need to be taken to the dealer, especially a 6 hr tow.

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