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LY6 Sparkplugs

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I will preface by saying this boat is the hardest damn boat to work on & that reason alone is enough to upgrade, but I digress.  Sparkplugs, if these are in fact where my plugs are located, how do you change them?  I can see maybe getting one or two out but the others seem to require removing the headers to get to them???  Please tell me my plugs are somewhere else, spark plugs should not be a 12 hour job!!



















Here's what a normal ly6 looks like




red arrows point to spark plugs?  



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Looks easy compared to pulling the 16 plugs on a hemi ram.  Couple real wobbles and a hand full of extensions and you will be fine. 

Note, by real wobble i don't mean those stupid things with the fixed pivots. 



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I can take some more.  The last pic of my engine, that carpet is the floor for the in hull quick fill ballast.  There is like a 1" gap between the wall & those headers.  It is a very very difficult place to work.  This is going to suck if I can even do it.

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Perhaps my terminology is screwed up, yes I believe it is exhaust manifolds.  Dug around some more last night.  Looks like I can take off the divider from the Vdrive area to under my seats which might allow a small arm to get up underneath there but I think the transcooler is still gonna be a problem.  Gonna try & take those off tonight & see.  I really can't believe MB thought it was a good idea to cram this engine in that hull knowing there is no way to get under that motor with the floor ballast hard tanks.  Really miss the 5.7L on my VLX

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1 hour ago, MadMan said:

If you do go ahead and do this, I'd put some Iridium plugs in so I wouldn't have to do it again for a long time. 

Yep, the specified plugs are AC Delco iridium plugs.  I also ordered new wires since I"ll be in there anyway.  Existing wires are fine I am sure, motors only got 350 hours on it

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