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NO START! Just click at Slave solenoid

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I have a 1996 Malibu and I tried to start it after the winter and nothing happened. I replaced the battery, starter, starter solenoid, circuit breaker, and slave solenoid. When you turn the key, it just makes a click at he slave solenoid. There is 12+ volts at both sides of the slave and 12+ at the battery terminal on the starter. I just purchased a starter fuse and it should come in tomorrow, so I'm going to try this. Any suggestions?

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Fuse should be easy to test w/o getting a new one.  Try shorting the terminals on the solenoid - just for an instant.  If the starter jerks the your new solenoid is bad.  If it doesn't then the starter is bad.

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You need amps to crank 12 volts sounds good but amps is the key.  Check your grounds.  You may want to turn the engine over with a big wrench just to be sure you don't have a hydraulic issue.  

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Turning the key sends power to the source wire connected to the solenoid, i think??. The source wire closes the solenoid, so it sends 12 volts to the starter? i think?

With the old solenoid, would it turn and start? or just turn over?

Do you have spark at the plugs when it turns over?

Is your engine carb or EFI?

Look at the no start document on this site. It will help you pinpoint the problem.

Have you checked the condition of your points lately and check the point gap? Change over to electronic pickup if you still have points.

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53 minutes ago, dwidergren said:

If I jump the starter solenoid, the starter just spins and the engine doesn't actually turn over.

Which to lugs are you connecting on the starter?  You need to connect the big one from the battery to the small one.

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Spray some penetrating oil on the Bendix gear and see if it frees up.  Maybe you have a bad solenoid (if it spins when solenoid shorted) AND a bad Bendix (if it spins but doesn't engage).

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