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removing kick pannel 2011 VTX


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Pulling the seat helps, but the main problem will be finding the screws that go down into the floor. I use a combination of a 1" soft putty knife and a pick to find the screws. Slip the putty knife between the floor and kick plate, slide along looking for the screws. Then find the head with the pick or just a phillips.

There may be a screw into the cup holder shelf, but it shouldn't need to come out. If u remember right, there is also a brace on the side near the top on the side closer to the walkway.

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23 hours ago, flapjack said:

How do I remove the kick panel on my 2011 VTX?  I'm trying to get to my heater...

Do I need to remove the entire cupholder area (and the seat)?


It was a bit of pain.  I followed a similar method as Asnowman.  A pick poking through the carpet was the best for me.  Some were easy to find and some were a nightmare.  Putting it back in the same screw holes can be a bit of a challenge as well.


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  • 5 weeks later...

Running into the same problem can anybody provide a picture with where they found the screws I've got 3 out of the 4 that I believe are holding it in out but there is one on the lower right side of the speaker Box that I cannot find

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Finally got it, those screws sure are buried in that carpet, will be replacing them with some black pan head screws so they don't sink in so far for easier access next time, there is a lot going on behind that speaker as far as plumbing and wiring.  I will post a pic later with screw locations since I have it out right now.

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 It was crazy how hard it was to find the screws through the carpet using a screwdriver tip and a pic I still had a hard time very frustrating 



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  • 4 years later...

sorry to necro an old thread. i have a 2011 vlx. how do you remove the cup holder section? i see a black piece under the cup holders and have taken 2 screws out but it's still attached to the side wall. trying to remove that so i can remove the kick panel/plate. have not found one screw yet.

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