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MLS touch screen air bubble

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Hey crew! 

Recently the MLS touch screen on my 2013 MXZ got a little air bubble that just sat at the top of the screen. over the past few weeks it’s been getting worse and the bubble has become a lot bigger.

I’m assuming it’s supposed to have some sort of liquid in there, is there anyway of repairing the screen/ prevent it from getting worse or will I need to eventually replace it when it fails?

Thanks, Evan.





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more than one thread on this well known issue. Sorry but your screen is dying a slow death and ultimately will fail completely. could be soon could be later but it will fail. Prepare for $1,800-$2,000 for a new one through your dealer and search the other threads for more info.

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14 minutes ago, COOP said:

The digitizer is delaminating from the glass. And yes, eventually it will fail. I just looked online at Malibu, they currently have around 40 of them in stock. 

Where did you look online for this?

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Once again the 2011 to 2013 screen issue.

I have read I think all of the other threads on this issue as I have a 2012 myself which is showing signs.

So a question, has anybody had any confirmation that a replacement screen wont do the same? I would hate to think that say in 10 years time your on your third screen and can not find a replacement anywhere?


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Thanks for all the help guys! It’s gonna be tough watching it slowly die 😒

Has anyone ever heard of getting these screens repaired like what dalt1 said? $500 repair sounds a lot easier on the wallet!!

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20 hours ago, Matho818 said:

Thanks for all the help guys! It’s gonna be tough watching it slowly die 😒

Has anyone ever heard of getting these screens repaired like what dalt1 said? $500 repair sounds a lot easier on the wallet!!

CLT is his screen name, only 3 posts as of now. I did have an extensive PM session with him. I hope maybe he can help others in the future. Said he was able to replace just the screen in his plastic housing. As for me, I still have my brand new $1600 one in the climate controlled storage in a closet till needed.

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I spoke with CLT as well.   The problem is you need to open up your screen to get a part number.  It's not entirely clear if the screens themselves have the same part numbers, or according to CLT, individual part numbers.  To add to that, I did hours of online searching for the replacement "screen" part and came up with nothing.  I'm skeptical of baking my screen to replace it.  

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On ‎3‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 11:23 AM, COOP said:

I work for a Malibu dealer. I can look up stock levels for parts on their system. 

Coop, do you have a price for the replacement screens? Also, does anyone know if we have to get a firmware update? I suspect we do and that it isn't too difficult to perform.

I PM'd CLT as well as this seems to be the only repair option available but, based on the previous posts on this thread, perhaps a bit risky. I'd certainly like to know more about it before throwing $500 down.

The previous attempt to make this happen with a electronics repair shop through Fffrank unfortunately didn't materialize. I was seriously hoping we could find a solution to what ails many of us through the repair route. Perhaps CLT can pull a rabbit our of a hat... 

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They go for $1800. Youll need to know if you have MEFI or Econtrol ECM. The Econtrol has one plug, the MEFI has three.

It should come with the latest firmware, but if not its an easy upgrade.

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