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1990 Malibu Mystere Euro F3 REHAB

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Back on Memorial Day weekend 2017 I purchased a 1990 Malibu Mystery Euro F3, from its second owner. A lifelong sailboat racer, this was my first real power boat and before everyone starts showing "Buyer Beware", I want to just preface this with the statement that I have always sold boats with the intent of having my buyer know the good the bad and the ugly, mostly for Karma's sake. i took a friend who had owned several ski boats over the years so I had some decent eyes to look it over and while it had a few bumps and bruises overall it looked like a god deal. After close to 2Hrs and a new battery the seller was finally able to make it run, caughing and squealing as it was, it seemed that I had a decent buy for the $$. First stop was the local Malibu Dealer who went over systems etc with a fine tooth comb, broken water pump, rotted/leaking water intake hose, incorrect spark plugs, broken distributor cap, original points, you get the drift. I also figured I should take a look at the trailer bearings and brakes because my 350 Dually was heating up its rear brakes and ...... the drum brakes where rusted solid, when I took them off the parts inside the drum crumbled, and the master cylinder....full of cob webs. My mechanic got the moter humming like a sewing machine, I got the trailer sorted out and we have enjoyed 10 months of wakesports. So lest this turn into a rant, I just wanted to frame up this Topic with why exactly it is that I am investing so heavily into this 28 Year old boat.  I am a sucker for a project and I got one here. 


1. Complete overhaul of Mercruiser 5.7 Ski

2. Replaced bearings in 4 Wheels, New Bearing Buddies

3. Removed old Drum Brakes (Trailer currently doesn't have brakes)

4. New Bilge pump and discharge line

5. New Battery

6. Primed and painted Exhaust pipes

7. New Airguide Speedo Pickups

8. New Gas Shock on storage door

9. New Starter solenoid

10. Painted Steering wheel

11. Changed Oil again at 9 Months (1 month after losing Golden color) , switched to Mobile 1 15W50.

12. New Fuel Sender

13. New Fuel Line

14, Cleaned out Fuel Tank

So a few weeks ago my fuel sender crapped out and I decided to change it. While working on the switch I dropped some electrical tape into the tank. Wasn't sure if it would be harmful or not but not wanting to experiment I pulled the fuel tank out drained it retrieved the tape and a whole bunch of artifacts that had accumulated over time. While pulling the tank I became painfully aware of just how bad those "softer"spots on the floor where. So now I am beginning the project of replacing the old flooring. Yesterday I stripped the nasty wet carpet out (like working with dirty feet) and I got lucky, there was significant damage to the hatch and the wood about 3' from the stern, but as I got to the Dog House it got good and solid. So I cut away all the wood 4" from gunwale wall which will allow me to drop the new boards centered on stringers for extra strength. I also had a small section on the forward section of the ski locker that was soft so cut that away as well. I will try and post a few pictures of what we have so far but since I am new to the site not sure it will let me. 

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