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Factory option underwater LED's (2017 LSV) questions

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I'm talking to my dealer about installing transom underwater LED's in my 2017 23 LSV, and he wants to install factory lights. Curious to hear some reviews on them? I can find a ton of info on aftermarket lights, haven't seen much on the factory ones.

Anyone have them?


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The new style have 8 LEDs in the assembly for each side and are 900 lumens, I believe. You can put aftermarket lights in, just make sure they dont overdraw the factory fused output. If they are of a higher current just use the factory output to turn on a relay and have the relay power the lights. 

What other info are you looking for? Install should be pretty straight forward, and the pigtails for the lights to plug into are already at the transom. Once installed all you would need to do is turn on the switch in the lighting outputs settings on the screen.

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Thanks guys. What I'm looking for is whether or not the brightness is good? I imagine the fitment ETC are good, I just want to make sure they are bright before I fork over that much cash.



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1 hour ago, ahopkinsTXi said:

I think the MSRP on them is about $700.. compared to life form 9's which are a very popular option on here that is pretty good and you don't have to do the install yourself.

My boat is being stored at my dealer right now, and I'd be having them install them. They want to do the factory lights, which also hook into the factory harness and would be controlled by my screen.

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51 minutes ago, bm11 said:

which also hook into the factory harness and would be controlled by my screen

Most any single color can be done in this manor. The factory lights are likely an "aftermarket" light anyway. Highly unlikely produced by or even for, Malibu, so nothing preparatory about.. 

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The factory lights do a great job. They are plenty bright and I have not complaints. I imagine there is a premium on them though, where you could probably go with a different brand and save some money.

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38 minutes ago, phinz said:

Where does the factory mount the lights these days and how are the wires routed back into the boat? Any pictures of the factory install?

They mount on the transom in the same place they have for 5-7+ years. No idea on wire routing. You can see the light in this picture.



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