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Spurious Engine Alarm Fixed

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I know this topic has been covered a number of times on this forum but I thought I'd bore you all with my recent experience. I was getting an audible alarm from the dash after a couple of ski passes in my 335hp Monsoon Response. We'd leave from the ramp, have one free ski, stop, turn off motor for a few minutes and then have another ski. We'd then do the same, turn motor off for a while, have a chat etc. and then start up and head back to the ramp and this was when the alarm sounded, 4 short beeps then a couple of second gap and then the beeps again, thinking a bit of heat sink set it off. This continued all the way back to the ramp, all gauges showed OK and so I wasn't that worried. It behaved in identical fashion for a number of runs and so it wasn't just a one off anomaly. After reading articles in this forum the first thing I did was clean the transmission cooler filter, a little rubbish but not much and made no difference when cleaned. Next time out disconnected the oil pressure switch when the alarm was sounding and it stopped, ah, could be onto something here. Ordered another switch from Skidim, fitted it and gave it a try and no matter how hard or long I go the alarm has not sounded again. In the end it was quite an easy fix and thanks to all the previous correspondence on this forum it didn't take long to find. I usually buy parts when required from Bakes, but I found them to be very much more expensive than Skidim for the switch which I found unusual, $39.00 at Bakes compared to $8.45 at Skidim. Always have had great service from Bakes and received the same from Skidim.


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Are you still getting the alarm with the key on, before you start the engine?  This is normal and more or less a self check.

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On 3/17/2018 at 12:22 AM, electricjohn said:

Are you still getting the alarm with the key on, before you start the engine?  This is normal and more or less a self check.

Yes, the alarm still works with the key turned on before the engine is started, it's now back to how it was before I started getting the "false" alarms.

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On 3/17/2018 at 12:37 AM, mackie12 said:

read that whole article, all that was going thru my head was "How come he gets to ski and I have to sit here in 3' of snow".......LOL

Maybe something to do with where you live perhaps? Hope to get another 6 weeks in before it gets too cold for anyone to come out with me.

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