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2007 Malibu Wakesetter 23LSV


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Hello Malibu Crew!  I am looking at a 2007 Wakesetter 23lsv for our new family boat and wanted to get some feedback from some people who have had or own this boat.  We just sold our 2001 Sky Supreme because we ran out of room on the boat constantly and the kids like boating more than we thought.  We are all got into wake surfing last summer and fell in love going behind our friends early 2000's wakesetters, which made us want to get into one for our next boat.  I have not been able to find much information about the surf wake with just the factory ballasts on these 2007 23lsv's, the one we are looking at does not have the piggy back system on it (yet) so I was curious to know how its is with the factory ballasts.  Any information would be appreciated and hope to join the Malibu family soon!! 

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Great boat, much better for surf than the early 2000's, but not really surfable with factory ballast.  For a listed setup, you'll need a minimum of a 750# fatsac in the back locker, on the surf side.  For a longer pocket, you'll want at least 200-400#s extra in the bow.  And if you are really serious, you'll want a 400# on the seat on the surf side as well.  If you do some type of suck gate or another delayed-convergence type device, you can equally weight the back lockers with about 500# in each and skip the extra on the seat and bow.

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Since the boat is older than the sport of wakesurfing it's gonna need some upgrades. I'd budget 2 or 3k for surf mods. 

Add the biggest bags to the lockers that you can. I'm sure wake makers has a kit.  Get a suck gate. There are plenty used on eBay these days and you may want a lower pitch prop also to push the weight.  Humans work fine for bow ballast.  That should get you started, there are tons of threads with specific setups but many of them are older before suck gates were invented. I think the suck gates help. We use a mission delta. We have lots of fun surfing our 2004. I think I have the same hull as you but your factory ballast is a little different. 

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10 hours ago, shadetreefab said:

Three bag sumo setup with over the side pump $700

suck gate can be found for under $200

prop Craigslist or eBay 200-300


That's the most simple solution w/ diy install and best case scenario pricing.  If you're buying the boat mainly to wake surf I'd plumb the bags which will add some cost.  I also couldn't find a prop deal so ended up buying new. 

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1 hour ago, Gavin17 said:

That's the most simple solution w/ diy install and best case scenario pricing.  If you're buying the boat mainly to wake surf I'd plumb the bags which will add some cost.  I also couldn't find a prop deal so ended up buying new. 






thats if i needed it right now, as to the diy install if some one is having a problem dropping bags in lockers, twisting on pump and tossing it over the side they are not plumbing in themselves.

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2009 23 LSV with factory ballasts full (front, center, rear x2) - total 1,350 lbs. Wedge down  


added 750's to locker for winter project. Don't know yet how that will change the surf. 


Here's a video showing use of homemade suck gate. 


Good luck. 


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Thank you for all the feed back! I have two 250# and one 350# sac from my last boat that I kept just in case the factory ballast were not enough. I was able to get a decent wake on my 2001 Sky Supreme with the fat sacs, my home made wakegate and the factory 500# hard tanks.  So I figured this wake must be better with the bigger boat and more factory ballast weight.  

The guys is going to give us a wakemakers wakegate with the boat since his new 2017 23 lsv has Surfgates  

NMMalibuFamily -would love to see the video, the link didn’t work for me. 


Hopefully our our test drive works out. And I’ll be able to join to Malibu family!  

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