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2007 Mallibu 247 LSV ???

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Anyone have any experience with this boat year model or information they would like to share?

I am looking at a used one right now, but it is about 9 hours away so, I am trying to gather as much knowledge and information as possible.

I like that it is a bigger boat, excess seating and storage is always a plus.

How does it surf and wakeboard?  Is it too big to be a highly effective boat for these purposes?


any and all info would be appreciated,


Thank you,


Union, MO

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One of my favorite boats.  Enormous and still handles like a dream.  You have to weight it down to make the surf wake big, but it will do just fine.  What motor and where is it located?  Plenty of crew members are happy to check out a boat for you.

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That's what I have and love it. 07 247, depends on what engine and prop and how much weight your rolling with. One thing if it's on an extreme trailer, they came factory with oil hubs. Got to keep an eye on them or switch out to vault style. 

If it's the hammer head it might use a little oil. If it's the 8.1 exhaust riser gasket are recommended yearly.

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I have an 07 247 with the 8.1.  I love it.  As mentioned, you must run some weight in it, but it surfs great.  Great wakeboarding boat as well.  You can't go wrong with it.  I actually am finishing up building my own gates for it to help surfing.  Let me know if you need anything else.



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I had an 07 with the 8.1 as well - great boat for surf or wakeboarding.  As mentioned, some of the 383/Hammerheads around that time were bad about burning oil.

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Great boats and do drive smaller than they are.  My wife didn't find it any harder to drive than our VLX.  

As said, it needs weight, weight and more weight.  I'd personally only get one with the big block.  There were a number sold with the dual captain chairs, so watch for that.  If for some odd reason you like that, make sure to lowball the offer as it is a deal killer for most buyers and will bite you on resale.  

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It is the dual captains seats, which I actually think I like.   I am more worried about the wife facing backwards.  She says she will be fine with it...but on those days where everything in the world is my fault i would rather not have that...one more thing that is my fault that I wasted all the money on!

How much do you thinking lowers the value compared to a standard setup?

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4 minutes ago, MJO21 said:

How much do you thinking lowers the value compared to a standard setup?

Quite a bit, as it really lowers the group of people willing to buy the boat.  You may find the occasional buyer that for some reason wants it (remember, it also badly reduces the usefullness of the most important storage compartments in the boat).  For the most part, you will need a price well more attractive than the competition to get a buyer to sacrifice for the price.

There is a reason Malibu hasn't offered it in years!  It would have to a minimum 5k difference for me to even consider a boat with duals.  A lot of that money would be to undo that setup with new seating.

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3 minutes ago, minnmarker said:

Record her and save it!  Better for you, better for her.  Have fun with that 8.1.

What kind of prop now?  Prop can make a big difference.

Not sure on the prop. Waiting to hear back from the dealer...


do you mean “have fun with that 8.1” in a good way or bad??? Why


record what?   Better for me and her??? Sorry I am lost. 

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I'll weigh in here, I have TONS of experience with this boat (about 5 outings)....haha

I just bought the same year/model a few months ago. Other than the test drive, I've only been out a couple times, but wow, it really does handle well. I came from a 21' Tige v-drive and couldn't believe how well this big boat drove, parked, etc.

And the extra space, you can't go wrong with the extra space. It's the first time I've been on a boat where I don't feel cramped. I have a big family and everyone loves going out on the boat.

I've always been a wakeboarder, but I'm slowly accumulating surf stuff. If I accumulate it too fast, the wife might catch on! So I don't have any experience there, but I plan on playing with the boat this summer to add wake surfing to my bag of tricks. I've been causally looking for good surf set-ups, etc. that don't require big, in-depth projects (again, so as not to alert the wife).

Good luck and keep us posted.

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