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re-built disk brakes and bearings last fall and soon after the brakes started to drag a bit. a 15 mile trip would leave the hub hot and brake dust all over the wheel. Not glowing red hot but vary warm to the touch. My mechanic said it was ether the surge actuator or a restricted brake line. Actuators are over $200 but that's how I'm leaning. fluid is clean and fresh. Any thoughts?

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If it's all brakes on the trailer it might point to the actuator or a restriction in the main brake line.  If it's just one wheel it points to a stuck caliper piston or a restriction in the line leading to that wheel.

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Had the similar problem with my old trailer. I replaced actuator-UFP-, brake calipers, pads everything. They always rubbed a little to much, after a 45 minute run to the lake my hubs were real hot. Never did any damage but annoyed me. I left it as it was and did bearings every year just to be safe. 

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i would rule out the actuator by locking the actuator out - they make a little key/plug for this.   I have a feeling it's not the actuator - i messed with mine last year too.   

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I have been fighting my 2008 boatmate for years, called them to help troubleshoot and they didn't have any answers.  Mine has clean fluid and has been bled numerous times. It will randomly drag the brakes and it alternates which calipers it is. Sometimes 1 sometimes 2, no rhyme or reason.  

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I had problems on a long trip in plus 100 deg heat on the motorway.

concrete road where you get that constant bounce.

local trips to the lake a two hour drive was fine.

brakes were grabbing on the long trip, felt the trailer dragging. Stopped & the discs looked almost blue, bloody hot.

put a lock out in the actuator & drove to the next gas station about 5 miles away. When I stopped the hubs & discs had cooled right down so I could touch them.

try locking out the actuator on a safe road, or at least give yourself ample breaking room. If the hubs are cool then look at replacing the actuator. If they are still dragging and hit, back at the calapers or slides 

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All of the actuators I've had, they do not attach to the tongue part that moves. It will push the actuator plunger in to do the braking, but will not pull it back out. You are relying on a spring or little shock absorber in the mechanism to push it back out. Those can fail and the brakes do not disengage too quickly.

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Opened bleeder nut and dragging stopped so definitely hydraulic. bled brakes a bit more and things seem to be working better. Cant get her out on the read yet so it will be a month before I know for sure.

Maybe brakes were never bled properly or over filled with fluid. Hopefully I can leave my finger on the easy button for that one and move on to other projects.

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