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vinyl matching

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Hello looking to match my 2005 iride interior vinyl, dark red, grey, and off white. I brought the seats to an upholster and already gave him some money and then found out that he cannont match the red, I think the grey and white also are horrible matches. Ive already given him some money to start but would rather buy the correct material colors from Malibu, or their supplier source and bring it to him. Is this possible or do i just try to match it online and hope its correct. please advise Dave

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Good luck. Malibu uses a brand/type of vinyl that is tough to match. Get on Facebook & look for Gabriel Garcia in the Malibu/Axis owners group. He has an upholstery shop in central Cali & has some kind of hookup with the manufacturer.

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On 2/13/2018 at 8:42 PM, Bill_AirJunky said:

Good luck. Malibu uses a brand/type of vinyl that is tough to match. Get on Facebook & look for Gabriel Garcia in the Malibu/Axis owners group. He has an upholstery shop in central Cali & has some kind of hookup with the manufacturer.

thanks for responding and I will let you know how I make out with him 

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Curious as to what you found? I have the same colors on my boat and am wanting to do some replacement pieces as well.

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I believe in that era they used Spradling vinyl, and their names are different for the vinyl from what Malibu calls them so don't let that confuse you.  I would go on their website and choose some free samples to be shipped to you that you think may be close to what you have, or change it up to what you want.




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I want to use Spradling as well, but I"m hesitant due to the vinyl problems that occurred with the 2010-ish models.  I have a 2010 VLX, and the vinyl is garbage.  Suffered serious discoloration issues by 2014-2015 and now I"m gearing up to do a full interior replacement.  The local quote is $5600 so I"m not super-excited about that.  Anyone actually use Spradling vinyl and have good results?


Spradling Dolce and Anchor seem to have the best specs and color options.

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Get in touch with Gabriel!! He is awesome. Had a couple seats in my 07 done with him a couple years apart! You could not tell. The seats had been redone.

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as long as your doing a complete interior, Spradling will be fine and their vinyl is with the 1/8 foam,  

i tried to get OEM from them and all Malibu colors are slight proprietary change to stock Spradling colors and remnant stock is owned by Malibu 

I needed the carbon fiber black to go with my material purchase of other 3 colors, non left, not even if order to make the skin i need in my 5th year ( dealer checking for any small remnants with Malibu cause I only need a little to make the damaged skin ).

so don’t think you can get those colors even in 5 yrs.  if you plan on a lifetime purchase like me, buy material early as the 5 year rule is about whether they even have any left to do it in 5 years , hopefully we can reuse some of my black panels if I’m careful, but by time it’s needed they won’t be re usable 

once warranty is expired , Malibu gets all remaining bolts of material from Spradling and when it’s gone, it’s gone

side note, it’s amazing how long the pieces of the seat facing color are!  You need at least 2 to 2.5 yards of 54 inch bolts just to make 4-6 inch strips , some panels are 6+ feet long , several of them

Waiting on a sample of the stock Spradling carbon fiber black now to see how close it is

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2 minutes ago, boardjnky4 said:

@granddaddy55 I'm sure that Spradling carbon fiber black is an exact match. Not all of them are proprietary colors.

I hope your right!!!!, I spoke to Spradling marine division OEM involved employee last week and she said the opposite including specifically all carbon fiber colors , just like my silver has clay tones that mute the shine, no body has that and she confirmed she new exactly the colors I was inquiring about and stated specifically they are both different , again praying your right!

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Thanks members for all these responses I stepped away from boating for a bit but back in full speed ahead, anyway I ended up finding a local guy that matched it close and I was very happy. I was able to reach out to Gabriel Garcia in the Malibu/Axis owners group on face book and responded sound like he's the man.. Also I didn't want to involved with shipping components across country and losing anything 

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