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Malibu Touch Command issue for TXI help request


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Hey Everyone - first post, so thanks in advance for any advice and references to assist.

My MTC touchscreen on my TXI finally gave out. I initially had issues with it when I first purchased and the boat was still under warranty, but it was stated at the time a "software" issue, not the component itself and was never replaced. As luck has it, the screen did develop a dead spot near the mid and lower left portion (3 button for security code). It wasn't a big deal at the time because I simply disabled the security code function and was able to use all other functions....this is no longer the case as it now impacts the use of my nav lights and can no longer use, so late evening sets and safety on the water while heading home is an issue. I know this has been a problematic issue for other members from reading other related forums and am really looking for any suggestions for those that had the issue and best options. Trying to find best price option for replacement as best I've been quoted so far is $1800. Are there any other options out there? I've read a few threads and some mentioned repairs, but never did see any solid answer/confirmation of success or a good reference/contact? Any assist or help would greatly be appreciated! Love my boat and have been happy with it since day one (besides this issue) just looking for any assistance for the best value and get me safe before my season kicks off.

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Saxton15, thanks and appreciate.  That's what I've come to terms with.  Just seeking any recommendations for a reliable dealer or info for a better known price.

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As far as reliable dealers go.....where are you located?

Obviously not an ideal solution, but if lights are the only concern, could someone with this problem just wire up a switch to the lights?  

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Many of the touch functions on the MTC can be turned on manually by putting the correct fuse, on the under dash power module, in the bypass slot for that function.  If it has the keyswitch start bypass installed already, the nav lights should turn on when the key is turned on.

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On 2/11/2018 at 4:59 AM, saxton15 said:

Still no fix other than replacing the entire unit.  Those who have replaced their MTC's seem to have better luck with it not bubbling over time.

Sorry to say. replacing the screen on my 2011 response back in 2015, I am now looking for another replacment screen.

So I can confirm, there may be just a few boats our there with screens manufactured between 2011 & 2015 which will fail as there is clearly no design improvements on these screens from Medalian

But there is nothing wrong to recall the screens, this must just be wear and tear so budget about $500 per year on maintainence for when yuo need to replace the screen.

Didn't see this in the maintanence schedule....

On a serioous note, any sources for another replacment screen any members can recomend?

May sell the boat while it is working once the screen is replaced.



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