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22 MXZ Accessories (Bags)


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Hey all,

I just purchased a 2018 22 MXZ. We get it in a few months. I am just trying to research and see if anyone adds any bags or anything to it right off the start. I was thinking maybe bags in the rear lockers? Anyone have a MXZ with any input that would be greatly appreciated. I was just gonna get the dealer to add the accessories before we pick it up. I know the A22, lots of people said rear and bow bags make the boat way better. I cant find any information on the MXZ. I know with the stock bow bags you really cant add any hidden bags up front. Would rear bags be counter productive then? 


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Sorry, no answer but similar question. Just bought an MLX and also waiting on delivery. I need to decide this week if I want to add Plug and Play ballasts in the rear. Based on water trials, I don’t think the boat needs it but I don’t want to be 2 years later regretting not having the factory at least plumb it in. That’s the plan, plumb for it but add bags later if we decide it’s “necessary”. 

Has anyone used the PnP setup with and without auto vent? It’s only an extra $300 but I’m not convinced it would even make a noticeable difference? 

Any recommendations  on Auto Vent?


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Every boat now a days should have PnP at least plumbed. I have a new A20 and yes i surfed it with only stock ballast on the demo and that was only my second time surfing. After I added the bags(750's in the rear lockers and a 400 bow bag) it made a world of difference. Its such a cheap add on that it makes no sense to not do it. If you dont at least add the plumbing it will certainly hurt the resale if that is a concern of yours. I have never seen a newer axis or malibu not listed with PnP. 

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Every Malibu and Axis needs PNP bags, and your dealers aren’t doing you any favors if they aren’t telling you that. You can get bags through the dealer or on your own through places like Wakemakers.

Not saying you need to slam them like some folks do, but the 450ish bags on the newer hulls are still needed to make a good surf wave. You can definitely surf with just stock tanks but it’s a completely different wave and you’re not going to be happy with it after a time or two.

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6 minutes ago, Dhoff9 said:

What about the “Auto Vent” option? Does that really make a noticeable difference? 


It helps the bags fill all the way without having to manually burp them to let air out, so I think it's a nice and convenient feature to have. I'm going with it personally on mine.

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