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wedge vibration/noise

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I've got an '06 21 LSV with the manual wedge. We've got about 45 hrs. on it this summer, and the kids are just now to the point that they want the wedge down while wakeboarding (we are all mostly slalom skiers).

We used it alot this weekend and noticed a grinding noise at just above idle speed that got our attention.

It was pretty loud, somewhat intermittent, and fairly rpm-sensitive.

We don't hear or feel it with the wedge up, and the boat runs silky smooth at all speeds while slalom skiing.

I noticed the wedge has a little play in it even with the pins securely locked while in the down position, so I'm guessing that the noise and grinding sensation is just the result of slight vibrations as the prop directs water past the wedge, but I thought I'd better ask. Is this normal?

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No. You shouldn't be able to hear anything when the Wedge is down. The boat will react differently = drive differently, throw a different wake, etc. But you should't 'hear' anything.

I'd talk to your dealer.

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FWIW, I did talk to my dealer. He, of course, said that it would be impossible to diagnose

the problem with certainty without access to the boat. But, he did recommend that I check

all of the bolts on the wedge plate and wedge to make sure that nothing had become loose.

I finally made it back up to the lake this morning, and sure enough, the starboard-side

hinge bolt was so loose that both washers had significant waggle. I snugged it down and,

voila, no more noise.

My next question: how tight should the hinge bolts be? I was a bit overzealous when I

tightened them up and couldn't raise the wedge from the swim platform (had to swim under

and raise it from below). Also, would it be a good idea to put a teflon grease where the

wedge comes into close contact with the wedge plate as it moves from down to up? I was

thinking of trailer hitch lubricant (supposed to be "non-toxic" and "impervious to fresh and

salt water").

Appreciate any advice.

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