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Redesigned 2018 LSV vs Dealer Demo 2017 MXZ


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Does anyone have a respose to this Question?  Looking at a new 2018 LSV 23 pretty much loaded except G4 tower and surf pipe.    Also looking at 2017 MXZ 24 ft.  Loaded similarly.  2017 MXZ 24'  is a dealer demo with 170 hours new warranty.  2018 23 LSV is brand new.  410 horse.  Can get either one same price.  The 575 horse power scares me a little, thinking significant more gas consumption.     Also 170 hours is a lot of hours for one year.  My wife and have been surfing for three years behind our 23' MB Sports B 52  We take our daughter, son in law and grand kids.  Love the wake but takes a lot of set up time each time we surf.  (Fill plug in plays, fill hard tanks, put on Ronix Wedge,  take wedge off put on other side etc.)      Like both Malibu boats, but never been out on MXZ 24'.   Buying during boat show time.   Thanks for any resonse.

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It is rare that anyone wants to sit in the bow of my boat, so I see the pickle fork as wasted space.

But the 575 would be awesome.  And, since I am averaging over 130 hours/year, the hours wouldn't scare me.  Heck, that might be an advantage as they would have most of the bugs worked out.

I'd try to find an LSV (the 25 preferably) with the big engine.  Then you would really have something.

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You could say the one with 175 hours has been shook down and any warranty issues have been fixed.  I would say of they are both there have a good crawl through on both and see if there is any for and finish issues.  is altitude a thing for you.  The 410 would be good power for sure but 575!!!.  you hear a lot about boats going in they are handmade and it is the nature of the beast.  are you close to the dealer would bringing a new boat back pose issues.  Me warranty so that is cool considering the hours.  you basically have nothing to lose on the Mxz but that brand new boat smell is nice.  good luck.

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I have 145 hours on our 2017 23 LSV and I feel like I still have a new boat. I am sure the dealer did everything to maintain that boat, plus the 24 mxz is a surfing machine. My son is begging me to switch. 

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Hours - not an issue, especially with new warranty.  Like the engine is going to blow up at 350 hours?  Not likely.  

Do you need the extra size?  

Is getting 91 Octane a problem, which is required for the supercharger?  



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I wouldn't worry about gas consumption. I have a friend with a '17 23 LSV with the 575 and I have a '17 22 MXZ with the 410. We were at Powell last summer for a few days together and our gas consumption was about equal - probably because to keep up with him in the channel I had to have the throttle pegged! I love the MXZ and I would love to have the 575. I also put 150 hour on in one year - still feels new.

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My vote would be  2017 24MXZ with more options and the 575 all day long if the purchase price was the same as the 2018 23LSV.   150 hours is nothing.   We have the 575 motor in our 25LSV and love it.  

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